OS 3.0 on the iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 software is being run by the new iPhone 3GS and the software update is also available for older versions of the iPhone. Many of the new features are updated from the previous software but there are also brand new functions that are sure to impress many.

The new iPhone 3GS offers a landscape keyboard for extra room when typing and is also now available in messages and emails including Safari and general notes.

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Cool iPhone Accessories :Make it live

Using an i phone alone gives you a feel like no other but if you add some Cell phone accessories to it , it can be more alive and make it more comfortable to use.

it make easy to handle like the favorite of all the cell Phone accessories that I know is the headphone pillow. This pillow lets you sleep while you are listening to your favorite tracks. This is absolutely ideal for trips on public transport where you use the music to block out the sound of fellow travelers; this pillow lets you sleep without getting an imprint of the headphones on your head . while i  recently bought Lg shine case for my mobile came to know about these accessories they also offer Cell phone batteries .

iPhone accessories start at as little as $5, and can do everything from boosting your battery life

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Web Hosting: A Small Overview

Many of people well know about Website but doesnot know the backend of website or where the files are hosted i am writing this post to give a brief idea about Webhosting.

“To make your Web site visible to the world, it has to be hosted on a Web servers so Web hosting means storing your web site on a public server.”

What is a Web Server?

The collection of all your web pages is called your web site.To let others view your web pages, you must publish your web site.To publish your work, you must

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Get a Cool Look for your Flash Drive & Use as Branding

Now a Days flash dries has taken the place of nearly all data transfer equipment like CD,DVD etc with small size and huge Capacity .now you can also give your flash drive a cool look by personalizing it .Does a personalized flash drive encapsulated in wood sound organically appealing? Or how about a custom flash drive encapsulated in leather with your company logo laser etched into the leather? Or perhaps the modern appeal of metal and aluminum is more your style?

they are useful in the matter when you are giving someone a prize you can

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How to make standard email for website domains using Gmail aps

Now a days the easiest way to communicate and work together online is emails and chat. if you have an organization or a website than you must have to creat a email for your domain for example mail@example.com which would be used to communicate to organization member or communicating to your web readers or whatever. the email id like admin@techmadly.com or like that looks more professional as comparison to free gmail or

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Want Offline browsing:download HTTrack

Many of us may do not have a internet connection all time but still we can surf our favorites website by just downloading the whole website to your computer or laptop isn’t it awesome .there are many offline browsers but only some of them totally free and download site full others are erroneous.

here is the key to your problem ->HTTrack is a free (GPL, libre/free software) and easy-to-use offline browser

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Chandrayaan’s life may be reduced its sensor fails

Chandrayaan intrduction: is India’s first mission to the Moon launched by India’s national space agency the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The unmanned lunar exploration mission includes a lunar orbiter and an impactor. India launched the spacecraft by a modified version of the PSLV, PSLV. (by wiki)

link: http://www.isro.org/chandrayaan-1/

India’s maiden mission to the moon, associated with so much national prestige, has run into rough weather. It has had a severe malfunction with scientists fearing that the mission may well have to be terminated halfway. In a global exclusive, our Science Editor Pallava Bagla sat down with Dr G Madhavan Nair, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

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