Manage power consumption of your Notebook by Aerofoil 1.5.0

Developed by silent development the windows only software that helps you to take control of  power consumption of your notebook is Open-source system tray utility . Aerofoil is very efficient in terms of switch if of the unnecessary processes which create a load on processor and eating up a lot of power. So if you are using a Windows Notebook it can manage your custom Windows power plans, mute sound, and manage

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Mozilla firefox Shortcut keys :Browse Faster

Mozilla firefox the browser of all need due to its best features that any browser can never have. i have been using two browser chrome and firefox for all my browsing needs as we have already discussed the Google chrome shortcut keys so i also want that my website users must know (if they do not) the shortcut keys for Firefox. if you know some of shortcut keys but not all then this list will help you for example we use ctrl + enter for completing a .Com web address at the same time if we use ctrl +shift+enter this will auto complete a .Org web address and more shift+enter will

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plugin to enhance commenting system:Backtype connect

There are many ways that we can promote our product on internet and one of the ongoing boom is social networking sites. You are connected with your friends and many more which loves reading what you share so it becomes quite easy to drive traffic from there now how to update your post when someone is talking about or promoting your product on internet we cannot trace by Url so the easiest option is to go for wordpress plugin which will do the job

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New Proxy list to Unblock the Access:part 2

previously we have discusses how to open orkut and facebook like sites where the access is ban.

Open any restricted website from Ctunnel

How to open any website privately ( private search engine Techmad Tips #12)

Use our proxy and surf blocked websites now! to help you to gain access to website where it is ban either is in your school collage or office proxy sites help you to accessing them by diverting the root or

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Apple’s revolutionary Laptop without keyboard

Apple: the name of style in the arena of notebooks has no come up with a new revolutionary which didnot have keyboard really it has simply a sleek wheel instead.You will have to say goodbye to the keyboard and say hello to the future of laptop computers.

Apple has replaced the keyboard with a sleek touch sensitive click wheel. Apple has said that the MacBook Wheel will make typing a thing

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statpress wordpress plugin Counting your stat Smartly

Analyzing your visits and the way your visitors turn your pages are very important for any blogger who want to make their blog visitor friendly or to improve page views and to reduce bounce rate so to keep an eye on this you need to have a tool which reports you the accurate data and many more option for better analysis . If we are talking about wordpress it has plenty of option due to Plugins. There are many plugins for viewing and analyzing statistics of

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Canned response in Gmail labs:use save templates in writing emails

While we are very busy in some work if we get any one’s message on our phone and we dont want to write we just use the save MSG templates to save time or may be we are being lazy to reply or write. Now if it comes to email while we get many emails per day for some we reply and some we just ignore because of the same reason lack of time and laziness to write so why not to make something like saved templates in email also which you can use easily to

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