Download google wave desktop client: WAVER an AIR app

wavw 0AIR apps made by adobe are now rocking the web world and many applications which are build by Adobe AIR are very popular like Tweetdeck now the with the gaining popularity of google wave many people want their wave to be still on their desktop so the AIR application Waver by Jash Sayani is here. this application is very siple but helpful as we dont have to open the browser all the time to check the new wave and reply them you can create new waves, or update existing

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Download and Use Chrome OS with VMWare

Chrome OS by Google the Giant which is spreading in almost all direction to web has released the Source code Of this Chrome OS or Chromium OS project. We have already been read a lot about this operating system and the OS will be launched before the End of 2010 . They said about the Project on their blog as

“This means the code is free, accessible to anyone and open for contributions. The Chromium OS project includes our current code base, user interface experiments and some initial designs for ongoing development.”

But if you want to Tryout this Chrome OS you can now because the version which can be run with VMWare

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Top 5 addons For downloading youtube or any videos

Que – i want to download youtube videos in bulk  just by url  can you tell me any addon to do so ?1255905672

Many of people asking these things even when there are large no of addons available for assisting any thing offcourse i am talking in firefox only some of them have problem with they are not updated as our browser do so stop working. The main purpose of writing this post is to list the top and active download helper addons which can make video downloading as easy as a

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17 Lists to Follow for a better Blog Appearance

blog design

Appearance what matters when someone comes to your blog and leaves with a impressive image in is the list of some cool and nice Post all over from blogosphere which  will surely help you with a better blog design:

  1. First of all a large theme directory which have free as well as premium wordpress themes in it by Wphacks : 150+ Free & Premium WordPress Themes Gallery.
  2. You can improve the loading time of your website by using image optimization like jpg compression by
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Linkwithin wordpress plugin Get smart Related post

If we talk about blog – a blog is defined as a website in which the post are arranged in chronological order means your past post just became history because you can not show all your post on home page. So using a plugin that helps you to get your past stories forword upon the latest article your all post are visible to the user.Related post about the article you write helps you to increase pageview and from the visitors  point of view they help them to get more stuff related to the article.

In wordpress a very poplular plugin

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WordPress plugins Overview from past

WordPress plugin without which a self hosted blog is like a fish without water. Yes for we all bloggers which are currently running self hosted wordpress, plugins fulfill all of our needs from providing functionality in post to optimizing SEO of our blog. we at techmadly have written many post about wordpress plugins so we are gathering them all together here. all of these plugin are useful and most preferable

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Broadband Internet an Overview

When we use internet the speed of your access is controlled by a factor called bandwidth and thus “Broadband” a high speed internet is made by combining Broad + Bandwidth. As much high is the bandwidth as much greater the data we can send or receive.

“Broadband in data can refer to broadband networks or broadband Internet and may have the same meaning as above, so that data transmission over a fiber

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