How to access blocked twitter : update and recieve message

twitter_blockAre you a social netwoking addict or addicted to twitter but what if  land in a place where accessing website like twiiter is blocked ?

yes the problem may arise if you are working in a company with these boundation or a country like dubai where the UAE goverment has banned these sites same as china govt also banned twitter in their country.



you need to think any other way to access and update your status. yes there are many ways

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Send Sms to your cell phone now By outlook

CaptureHow do you feel when you are in office and you office firewall doesnot allow you to open any website by which you can send messages and the only way out there is outlook the same i am having right now  so if you want to  access that services outlook will do it for you. 

It is also a convenient way to send phone numbers, short messages, reminders, and other important stuff to your cell phone so you can store it or share

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8 Must have extension from Google chrome gallery

chrome.jpgAre you a google fan or dop you like chrome i like because it works faster for many of google sites and also loads fater due to its rendering engine but it is always step below firefox because firefox have a greater compatibility only because a lot of addons. Google chrome also have extension just like firefox not for every work but for most of and you can find out those in Google’s extension gallery for its Chrome

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Google wave get started: Part 3 The Extensions

google_wave_logoYou may have been using google wave from the very first time when it was launched but still are you aware of the integration extension that works in wave. Yea there is something interesting that you must know about some integration bots so that make your waving a easy job. you can subscribe to email and connect to facebook, post message on twitter or use gtalk in your google wave and also you can edit your documents so have a look on these

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Manage your windows startup by 2 free Startup tools

How much time your windows pc take for starting up?

large enough so that one can make a cofee so when it comes to startup or bootup the unnecessary programs and utilities which runs with bootup and loading make it very much slower so why not work upon them by having a startup manager and make startup just like click.

If  you heard the term starttup manager for first time it is a tool

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Call, chat, message, and send files for free byNimbuzz Mobile


People are mostly intersted in free service when they get on their mobile or web so here is good news to all who have net acess to your mobile and the person having internet on pc and notebook also because nimbuzz is a application the lets you do call, share files, and obviouly connect to your friend via many of the social media network like facebook , free international calls and from you gtalk and live id .Nimbuzz Mobile free to download and use. Nimbuzz will not charge

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