Top 5 Anti-Spyware program

Spyware or malwares are the stuffs which we clean often but they continue to be problematic fellow to our system. so we strongly need a anti-spyware program or a combination of program so that to create a protective shield around our system. i here mentioned a combination of program because each anti-spyware program has its own detection  algorithm and definitions so using a intelligent combination

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Gmail lab feature email addict: take a break from Email

Today the email system has became the main stream of communication as in almost every industry even the smallest order is done via sending email. Now when it comes to uses we check each and every minute  for new emails but sticking through email or the Internet may also cause harmful effects to our health so it is always advisable to get some rest and leave the system for few minutes

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Linux Guide for newbie : essential shortcuts and sanity commands

The most important or you can say pivot thing in mastering Linux is the commands and shortcuts by terminal. Most of the commands are same as dos but there are many more to explore if you master these commands you will have most of the controls in you hands.

Caption :

<> = single special or function key on the keyboard. For example <Ctrl> indicates the “control” key.
italic = name of the file or variable you probably want to substitute with your own.



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Best Bandwidth monitoring Software for your Windows, Mac & Linux PC

The main motive of writing this article is to give you a range of software by which you can keep track of the amount of data you are transferring each day (Downloading or uploading ) and also the speed because there is always a trade off between the bandwidth and the usage. some of the users like high speed internet with bounded amount of data download and some of us take the unlimited plans which in return gives you less speed at the same price. There are many tools ( Bandwidth monitoring Software ) available for this particular purpose, and help in effectively monitoring, and sometimes controlling the flow of your internet bandwidth and speed. so here are some of them listed according to your Operating

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Iphone 4.0 OS with Multitasking,folders,iAD,Game center and more

At the apple event today Steve job told the much awaited iPhone OS 4.0 is coming to us this summer but the developer preview of this version is currently live on gizmodo live and many other blogs. This iPhone OS 4.0 will have more than 100 user features in which the 7 main services are very important. In iphone OS 4.0 features like multitasking and exploring system folders will play a great role.

Let us have a look of features introduced:

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Top 5 Sites Where You Can Download Old PC Games For Free

Today we get a bundle of  games over Internet  for free either by the developer to promote or Rerelease the games they made or by some hackers . Many games became free over a period of time i am writing this post because i replayed those games while i worked for a software company where all games were banned so we played games incorporated in excel files so they remind me the old games. So we are compiling the list of websites where you can get all those old PC games as freeware

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Hosted PBX system: An overview

In today’s business world the support in business by latest technology is very important and necessary. Before we talk about Hosted PBX system first let me explain what an PBX system is, according to Wiki : “A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange that serves a particular business or office, as opposed to one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many businesses or for the general

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