Smartphones and 3D Images

It seems that the recent enthusiasm for 3D is beginning to fade and that the introduction of 3D at both the cinema and in our living rooms has been something of a mixed success.

In fact Disney Studios invested a staggering $175 million in making a 3D children’s movie called Mars Needs Moms only to see ticket sales of under $7 million in the first week. This is likely to be one of the biggest movie box-office losses of all time.

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Speed Up Your Firefox Mobile by Firefox Mobile Add-ons

After successfully launching the Firefox 4 last week now Firefox mobile is also available for download. Now to get most of Firefox mobile there are few add-ons which you can install on your Firefox browser to speed up, secure and facilitate additional options to your mobile browser for Android and Maemo

The new Firefox 4 Mobile for Android (download) and for Maemo devices (download) also support add-ons. Source.


The add-ons are listed here as

  1. Adblock Plus add-on (download),
  2. .Tapsure add-on(download)
  3. Less Spam, Please add-on (download).
  4. URL Fixer add-on(download)
  5. Bigger Text add-on (download)
  6. Reading List add-on(download)
  7. Phony add-on (download)
  8. Mobile Profiles (download)
  9. Lazy Click (download)
  10. Last Pass Password manager add-on (download)

You can also browse more Firefox mobile add-ons here at

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