When Does a Cell Phone Go Too Far?

Cell phone technology has grown by leaps and bounds and it has made our life incredibly easy. We can do anything, from shopping to a reverse phone lookup, on our phones these days but some are asking the question, how far is too far?

The public was recently made aware that their iPhone keeps a record of everywhere you go. Many consumers, and consumer advocate groups, are concerned over what this means for privacy in the digital age. There is little to no mention of this feature or information that’s been made available to the public and many are questioning the purposes for this built-in action. According to an article in

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Protect Your Reputation by Second-Guessing Smartphone Spontaneity

The advent of smartphone technology and ever increasing mobile access to the internet has meant big things for social networks. For Facebook it means more traffic by their already addicted users. For Twitter it simply means survival. But for those serious about online reputation management, the temptation that instant access to social networks offers can be quite damaging to an otherwise carefully crafted and well-maintained image.

That’s because more times than not when you decide to beam a musing or a rant from your phone

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