Hamster:New Time Tracking App For Linux

Hamster is Gnome application that available in panel which makes it easier to access.Hamster is a best time tracking application,which has launched for Linux.This app can track any project.It has simple start and stop buttons that allows to track your activities.You can see an overview of the day,week and month.It also shows how long you have spent on your certain activities,tags and categories.

Hamster is very simple app to use.You can create a new activity with the help of very simple menu bar applet.Just type the name of the activity,Tag it and then click on the start button.Every time you start a new activity then it stops the curret one ,you can also stop it manually.

It has very good layouts.Hamster is the only popular Time tracker on Linux which is the advantage of it.If your running the latest version of Ubuntu then it produces some problems because it still has not been updated for Gnome3.

The main disadvantage of this application is that it is not display your time in an easy to read calender view as compare to the other application on other platforms like Klok.In short Hamster is an awesome app and superiore amongst all the other applications

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Create Awesome Social Media Timeline With Timekiwi

Codeartists has created a new web application named Timekiwi.It allows users to create a timeline with the help of your social media accounts.There are many social media sites that supports Time kiwi such as Twitter,Tumblr,Posterous,wordpress.com and Instagram.This site basically provides a new take on lifestreaming by converting the Timeline format into final product.

If you want to include a account into your timeline then just click on “Show me my timeline” and after clicking, the remaining work will do by the Timekiwi itself.In the context of Twitter the previously old retweets will be seen in your timeline but the aboriginal retweet function and the replies would not be seen in your timeline.

There are two types of layouts are currently available for the timeline,horizontally and vertically.You can also share the link directly from the social networking sites scch as Facebook,Twitter etc.The feature of printing your timeline is also available.If you want to add instagram in your timeline then connect it at last.

Wordpress provides the option to choose the exact date and time of your post before publishing the post,so with the help of wordpress you can create a historical timeline by importing the information from the wordpress into Timekiwi.It is very important that before adding your wordpress acoount to Timekiwi your entire timeline is ready to display or not.

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Orchestra An Awesome Social To-Do App For iPhone

Orchestra is a social To-Do app that connects you to each and every persons within your working area.It Specify task to the others and get updates from them in realtime.With the help of this app you can co-ordinate your daily routine.Either you are in home or outside you can divide your job and think of what the each perticular is doing.

This app is an online productivity tool that allows users to handle all their to-do list online and share them to their family members,colleagues and their friends.You can use Orchestra at your work to keep arrange all the team members in the same page,even you can organise a trip or make programme of a wedding with the help of this useful app.

For using all the services of this useful application it requires for the users to sign-up for a free account.After registration users are able to create and handle their important task with a unique user friendly dashboard.

Orchestra has very great feature of synchronization with web.It is very fast and simple application to use even for non-technical users.It is a user friendly service and totally free of cost.

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Batch For iPhone Is A Gorgeous App That Lets You Share A Ton Of Photos Quickly

Beautiful moments pass us by everyday. Instead of scrambling for a camera to capture them ,now on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. photofresh is an innovative iPhone and iPad app that lets you browse, upload, and share your Facebook photos and videos. It’s just easier to whip out your iPhone and turn to Camera Plus Pro. With Camera Plus Pro, precious moments will last a lifetime.

Capture photos and videos in any light you wish, using the built-in live filters. Preview your photos and videos in any of the cool filters and pick the right one to set the mood! . You can also enjoy all your friends’ albums and all the photos that come through your News Feed. In one word, it’s awesome!

Browse your photos and videos & those of your friends.
• Quickly access your photos and videos and those of your friends in full screen, even your News Feed photos and Tagged Pictures.
• View your photos and those of your friends even when you’re offline.
• Turn your iPad into the perfect picture frame using your Facebook albums.

Upload your photos and videos.
• Quickly upload photos and videos in full resolution with captions to your Facebook account whether individually or in batches—you can even choose different image sizes.
• Create new albums and set their permissions.
• Background uploading lets you do other things while Facetastic does its thing.

Share photos in a snap.
• Post to your Facebook wall or email photos, links, and albums.
• Download photos one-by-one or in batches to your iPad.

Over time, we expect the developers of Batch to fill the holes in the app, both in terms of missing features and random bugs, and hopefully it will become much more useful as it gains more users. We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes trained on its progress.

Facebook Acknowledges Messaging Vulnerability That Allows Sending Of Malicious Files

A security penetration tester discovered a major flaw in Facebook that could allow a person to send anyone on the social-networking site malicious applications.Well this time the private messaging function has been compromised, you can attach an executable and send it to anyone as long as you put a space after the filename.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen a mime/file/etc parser be owned by a space, but I expected better from Facebook to be honest.

Nathan Power, a senior security penetration tester at technology consultancy CDW, discovered the vulnerability and publicly disclosed it Thursday on his blog. The flaw was reported to Facebook on Sept. 30, which acknowledged the issue on Wednesday, he wrote.

Power, who could not immediately be reached, wrote that Facebook does not normally allow a person to send an executable attachment using the “Message” tab. If you try to do that, it returns the message “Error Uploading: You cannot attach files of that type.”

Power wrote that an analysis of the browser’s “POST” request sent to Facebook’s servers showed that a variable called “filename” is parsed to see if a file should be allowed. But by simply by modifying the POST request with a space just after the file name, an executable could be attached to the message.

“This was enough to trick the parser and allow our executable file to be attached and sent in a message,” Power wrote.

The dangerous part I can see here is that Facebook allows users to send messages to anyone (with attachments) even if they are not friends. Which makes me wonder, how many random guys are sending girls they don’t know pictures of their junk as attachments on Faceobok messages…

I don’t want to know really.

Anyway this should be a fairly simple fix for Facebook and I’d imagine they have probably already fixed this or will be doing so fairly soon.




Apple’s iPhone 4S Now Available In Additional Launch Countries

Apple released the iPhone 4S in seven countries on October 14th and at that time they also made it clear that an additional 22 countries would be getting the handset on October 28th. And well, it looks like those additional countries now have the iPhone 4S available for pre-order.

Whilst queues didn’t quite meet those seen in the US and in many of the other launch countries, customers still camped outside stores and carrier outlets to get their handsets before others in their respective countries.

The original seven countries included Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and US. And now, for those additional countries, those include — Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

AsiaOne reports that SingTel customers in Singapore that had secured one of the more than 10,000 slots to buy the new phone were able to purchase it at the telco’s Suntec Singapore event from today to Sunday. All slots were snapped up  yesterday.

After all, it would be less than ideal if you decided to go the in-store route on the 28th — to have them run out of stock before you get to the front of the line.


Samsung Profit Dips Quarterly But Sees 300% Yearly Rise In Smartphone Sales

Samsung today announced its third-quarter earnings, providing a look at how well the company is competing in the electronics, semiconductor and telecommunications sectors, confirming that smartphone sales helped it to beat industry estimates to secure record high earnings.Korean smartphone giant Samsung posted net profits of 3.44 trillion won ($3.09 billion) between July and September, down 23% from a year ago.

The results now suggest that Samsung has surpassed Apple to become the world’s leading smartphone maker, with sales in its telecommunication division seeing  300% rise from a year ago and a 40% increase from the second quarter.

Analyst forecasts, that averaged at a value of 3.24 trillion won, as sales rose 3% over the year to reach 41.27 trillion won and operating profit fell 13% to 4.25 trillion won.

Samsung continued to develop its range of Android and Windows Phone devices, ensuring it marketed its range to consumers in the low, middle and high smartphone markets, capitalising on a lull in Apple’s iPhone sales as consumers waited to upgrade to the iPhone 4S.

Amazon Confirms Plans To Launch The Kindle In China

Since Amazon announced a lineup of new devices at an event in New York yesterday, I’ve been refreshing its U.K. webpage in the hope that pre-orders for the Kindle Fire would be opening up to us internationals anytime soon.The US firm has not put a time frame on a possible arrival on its e-reader, as discussions remain ongoing, although it did reveal, according to MENAFN, that it will initially look introduce less complicated, user-friendly products to build demand in the country.

Amazon U.K. has confirmed “Today, Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are available only in the US,” a spokesperson from Amazon UK told us. We had asked why only the non-touch Kindle version was available on the UK site, Amazon.co.uk.Amazon is yet to give a reason why the devices won’t be selling internationally, but the news will undoubtedly be a disappointment. The Kindle will face strong competition in China, as and when it emerges in the country. The iPad is – like the iPhone – one of China’s most desired gadgets, however a series of devices from Android and local manufacturers compete for attention. The market place is about to get even more crowded.

It’s likely the device’s will be available on sites like eBay shortly after its launch, but it will certainly be sold well above its original retail price.

Are you disappointed that the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch won’t be leaving the U.S.?

Google’s New Music Store Reportedly To Feature Tight Integration With Google+

The search giant is looking forward to launch its Music Store in tightintegration with its social platform, Google+. The Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google Andy Rubin has already declared that the company will soon announce its new Music Store and that too ‘with a twist’ that will make it distinctive form other services.

With new service, users will be able to suggest tracks in their online music library to their friends in Google+ circle. Moreover, friends will able to listen to the track for free for the first time before being asked to pay the said amount to download the MP3.

However, we have also come to know that Sony and Warner Music have expressed their concerns over Google’s Music service. Sony is concerned about Google’s acknowledgement of piracy on YouTube and Android platforms, while Warner thinks that Google offerings are not up to the mark.

Facebook doesn’t have its own music service rather it signed deals with other companies including Spotify and Deezer recently to integrate these services in its platform.

Integration of Spotify with Facebook is disliked by many users as all the new Spotify users need to connect to Facebook account first to use the service.

The company recently announced its new social graph implementation, allowing streaming services including Spotify and Deezer to deeply integrate their platforms into the social network to share what its users were listening to, driving music sharing between friends.

New Text to Speech API For Google Chrome

Google Chrome now includes a Text-to-Speech (TTS) API that’s simple to use, powerful, and flexible for users. The TTS API enables developers to implement a speech engine in an extension for Chrome. Already a couple of extensions are available for download from Chrome Web Store that utilizes the TTS API. Among them SpeakIt is an interesting one.

The SpeakIt extension allows Chrome users to select text on a webpage and convert it to speech. The extension uses the Google Network TTS (Text-to-Speech) with language auto-detection, enabling it to read aloud all languages that are supported by Google, with the ability to expand Chrome’s speech capabilities by adding new TTS engines.

SpeakIt can be configured to use either the default SpeakIt voice or the Native voice engine of your operating system. The voice is crisp and very human like. A couple of additional voices are also available. You can adjust the default volume, and some voices also let you adjust pitch and speaking rate
To read aloud text on a page, first select the text you want it to read and then click the SpeakIt icon. When it is ready to read, the number of sentences is shown on the icon and the selected text will be read aloud. To stop listening at any time click pause.

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