Internet Marketing is much more than Just SEO

Most people in Internet Marketing Business thinks that Internet Marketing Business is all about SEO of the content and wondering why they have not been able to attract the niche traffic for their site, they need to look at again their search engine optimization strategy.

Search engine optimization(SEO) is not just the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines, It also involves other Internet Marketing Business strategies.

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Changing Smartphones: Top 5 Futuristic Features

If you think your phone is smart now, it’s time to step back and take a look at what the next generation of phones will be able to do. A recent Huffington Post article and HotengKiat post profiled some of the most intriguing concept phones that may be hitting the market in the coming years. Looking through these ideas, it’s clear that technology is accelerating at a far greater pace than it has been in the last decade, and the things that people only dreamed of a few years ago are going to be reality soon. Check out some of these top futuristic features to watch for next time you get a phone.

1. Detachable Headsets:

Bluetooth headsets are all the rage these days, but they’re a completely separate component from the rest of the phone.

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Schedule Twitter Updates Using TweetDeck

Are you a Twitter Addict and going for a vacation? or are you planning to stay away from Twitter for a couple of days and still want to tweet at a interval. Scheduling tweets is not a tough task as many Twitter desktop clients and web clients provide this facility. The best of these client is TweetDeck.

Here is a step by step tutorial to schedule Twitter status updates using TweetDeck.

Start TweetDeck application and login to your Twitter account. Now click the compose Tweet icon in the top navigation bar and start typing your desired message.

Now you can see two icons at the bottom-right of pop-up composer, one is for scheduling post and second is for publish it. To schedule a tweet, click the time settings icon, as seen in snapshot below. You need to be login/connected with your TweetDeck account, otherwise you’ll be asked to add/create a new account.

After connecting a TweetDeck account you can schedule a tweet, enter desired date and time.

When you’re ready to send, click Tweet or Send.

Once you’ve given a date and time for your message, a new column will appear showing your Scheduled Tweets. This column will also allow you to edit or delete your Tweets before they’re sent. You can also attach a photo to your Tweet by clicking the camera icon. To send a Direct Message, click the message icon.