Microsoft Pro version of Surface tablet prices at $899

Microsoft said on Thursday, Microsoft’s Surface tablet running a full version of Windows 8 Pro will start selling in January for $899.if you want a keyboard cover and the popular Office suite of software you will have to pay more.

The current Surface runs only specially designed applications from Microsoft and others sold through the company’s online store

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Samsung India launches Windows 8 PCs

Samsung India announced the launch of its Windows 8-based devices in the Indian market. they launched not one, but 5 products in the Indian Market include the Ativ Smart PC and Ativ Smart PC Pro; Series 5 ULTRA Touch, Samsung’s first touch-enabled Ultrabook; Samsung Series 9 with 15-inch display; and AMD based Series 5 Ultrabook. All these Windows 8 based devices are now available in the Indian market.

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Turn Your SmartPhone Into A Walkie Talkie With Voxer

Voxer is a smartphone application that turns your phone in walkie talkie that works on both internal wifi and cellular networks. Voxer is a app designed to be a push-to-talk (PTT) walkie-talkie replacement that works on both local and global networks. Voxer removes the restraints associated with cross-platform messaging service , with the help of  Voxer you can send voice, text and picture messages between iOS or Android devices – for free!

However Voxer is not a direct replacement for walkie-talkie  that use radio frequency and various bands. Don’t get caught out cold in the wilderness!, its uses local wi-fi and cellular networks. Voxer can also  allowing communication between both iPhone and Android contacts using free voice, picture and text messages, much like WhatsApp but withoutany cost.

When you launch Voxer for the very first time, after installing it you will prompted to register, in registration you will need to fill up your name, a valid email and a password, then you ready to go.

Voxer can be customised by using picture, city and country , you can search user by their name or email address .



With iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, and good old SMS, communication is something we definitely take for granted these days. Siri and Android speech-to-text features are nice for composing text messages, but none of these services allow you to send audio snippets. That’s where Voxer comes in.

Download: Voxer for iPhone @ App Store
Download: Voxer for Android @ Google Play

How To Use Windows 8 Themes with Previous Versions of Windows

If you want to use eye catching  windows 8 themes with previous versions of windows, so here is how. The theme directory at official windows site  hosts some beautiful themes for your Windows desktop. There are lots of themes , but some newer themes are however compatible only with Windows 8 machines, like these dual-screen panoramic images.

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