A better, brighter Flickr, , offers 1TB of free space to everyone

Flickr got redesigned that completely changes the look of the homepage and your photostream. Your homepage now has large photos from your friends as well as from other Flickr users that you can like and share without even having to open the image.



Your photostream also has received a major upgrade. You now have a large cover image up top and your photos span the entire width of the screen in a tiled pattern. There is also a beautiful new slideshow mode.

A free terabyte of space : Flickr is now providing 1TB of free space to everyone so you don’t have to worry about running out of space and can upload your images in full resolution. The previous concept of regular and pro accounts doesn’t exist anymore. Everybody gets all the features but if you want to get rid of the ads you have to pay $49.99 per year. If you want to double your storage space to 2TB, then it is $499.99 per year.

Lastly, Flickr has also released a new app for Android. The app has also undergone a major redesign and now looks even better than the iOS app that was released last year. Unlike the iOS app, the Android app hides all the buttons in a neat drawer on the left side of the screen letting the photos take over the majority of your screen. .

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