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Add Google+ Share Button on Your Blog

In our last post we informed you about the launch of Google+ Share Button. Using this button you can share webpages with your comment to your Google+ Circles. Webmasters can add this button to content across their site to make sharing on Google+ easy. This button is perfect for content that users may want to share but not +1.

And now here’s a tutorial to add Google+ Share button on your website/blog pages.

Open the Google Developers page in your web browser and click on Share link under Plugins section on left sidebar. Here you will find some customizable settings about the annotation design, size of button, language and some other advanced settings. Annotation may be configured in four ways; Inline, Bubble (Horizontal), Bubble(Vertical) and no annotation. You can also set Share button size and language as per your need.

There are some advanced settings too. You can set this code to Asynchronous mode, HTML 5 valid syntax and ‘on load’ or explicit parse tags.

If you want to share a specific URL then add it to URL to share‘ box. Although there is no latency impact of <script> tag, but try to place this at the bottom of webpage, just before the closing body tag.

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