Apple Is Going To Launch It’s 5th-Generation iPhone In October

The new forthcoming iPhone 5 will be a blessing for technology having all in one features in one device such as multiple networks(supports CDMA as well as GSM),Assistive touch,icloud,voice control system.The Assistive touch is basically an overlay menu which is displayed in front of the user with commands that usually require certain physical actions, such as rotating the screen or shaking the device.

The “Assistive Touch” feature has the following commands:-
-Rotate screen
-Lock screen
-Volume control
-pinch movements
The iCloud is just one of the new iPhone 5 features. It will allow the users of the iPhone 5 to store all their data in a virtual data cloud. This is pretty much just like cloud computing. You will be able to keep stuff in this virtual cloud and keep the memory of your iPhone 5 free 

The iPhone 5 will have a new voice command system,this new voice system is called the Adaptive Audio Feedback System and Method,you will be able to give a command to your iPhone 5 with your voice to upload and download data that you have stored in the iCloud.


New iOS 5 beta is disclosing a new set of gestures that could replace the traditional Home button,also the mute button and volume buttons will become useless if the “Assistive Touch” feature is enabled. If you want to buy iPhone5 on contract you can also buy with Apple iPhone from Vodafone.

The 5th-generation iPhone is expected to be globally released in October 2011, along with the release of iOS 5, the next generation of Apple’s operating system.Apple is going to launch  25 million iPhone 5 in this year 2011, for this Apple has been pressuring manufactures to speed up production.This new iPhone 5 will be lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4,Users can create custom gestures and select the application by moving their fingers along the new iPhone 5.

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