Apple’s Macbook Supplier Shuts Down Plant In China Over Environmental Issues

Environmental watchdog groups in China on Wednesday released a report detailing a 5-month investigation on electronic suppliers that they believe are used by Apple. According to the report, accessory manufacturer Kaedar Electronics and printed circuit board maker Unimicron have allegedly been discharging waste water and harmful gas from their plants in the Chinese city of Kunshan.

Yesterday, China’s Catcher Technology, announced it would shut one of its manufacturing plants in the Suzhou province after it was ordered to cease operations due to environmental issues connected with the factory.

Chinese regulators forced the closure after local residents reported bad odours being pumped out of the plant, after the company issuing an emergency bulletin on Sunday.

Catcher said the shutdown will impact October sales by a fifth, assuming plant improvement works are completed and approved by regulators by the end of the month. The company had sales of T$21.8bn ($725m) last year, with analysts expecting an increase to T$37.1bn this year. Its stock fell by nearly the daily limit of 7 per cent on Monday.

Since 2007, more than nine people have suffered or died from cancer in the village, which has a population of fewer than 60. Apple declined to say if the companies named were in fact its suppliers, but company spokeswoman Carolyn Wu, responding to the report, said, ‘Apple is committed to driving the highest standards of social responsibility throughout our supply base.


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