CNN, Elle, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote and Facebook apps on Google Glass soon


Google  made a quiet announcement in Google I/O on Thursday that its Internet-connected smart glasses would soon be much more useful, with apps from Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Elle, Tumblr and Evernote all coming to Glass.



The new applications will come packaged as “Glassware,” delivering CNN breaking news alerts, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook posts, Evernote reminders and articles from Elle Magazine. The New York Times and Path were the only two apps previously available to Explorers, making this new suite of products a very welcome addition indeed.

CNN’s Google Glass app lets people choose what sorts of alerts they receive and which time of day they are received. Users can read the CNN article or the Glass app can play them out loud.

The Twitter app allows users to share photos through Google Glass, though it will attach the text “just shared a photo #throughglass.” Users can speak text updates and receive Twitter notifications through Glass. The Facebook app can also share photos taken with Google Glass, and the Tumblr app allows users to view their feed and receive updates

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