iTunes store has millions of music audio, video, movies, TV series and Podcasts. Customers can buy, download an play these files on their iPhone, iPod and computers from within iTunes player. iTunes streaming and downloading may be affected by your other work over network. It gives priorities for your browsing and other downloading stuffs from web browser and download manager, Hence iTunes downloading speed drops a lot.

Download managers like Internet Download Accelerator (IDA) and Internet Download Manager (IDM) can help you in this situation. These download managers downloads files forcefully from server by making multiple connections (4, 8 or up to16 as set by user) that can boost downloading up to 5 times faster. You can also set downloading speeds, pause and resume files whenever you want. Here’s a quick tutorial to configure iTunes file downloading through IDM.

Open Internet Download Manager application and open its Settings by pressing ALT+D+O keys on Windows system. Now, under General tab click on Add Browser link.

A window will open, Now select iTunes.exe from Program Files folder and click open. You will see iTunes in browsers list. Click OK to save the settings.

To save whole settings and programs to work properly, close and restart IDM and iTunes. Now when you want to download a file from iTunes store it will automatically be transferred to IDM download list. IDM may ask you to confirm downloading this file from iTunes store. Confirm it, IDM will now start downloading your file with the maximum possible speed.


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