Shopify is one of the easiest and powerful eCommerce platform. It has numerous features that help you create a full featured eCommerce web store within minutes which takes your business to a next level. With hundreds of themes and tens of eCommerce plugins available to download from App Store, Shopify tops the chart of eCommerce applications.

The best thing I like in Shopify is its customer menu that helps me organize customer’s information. Customer Menu contains information about all the customers (their name, location, number of orders, total money spent etc.) that help me successfully organize marketing campaigns. This application also have an ‘Inventory Menu’ that help you keep a close eye on your inventory.

Shopify App Store has tens of free and paid eCommerce plugins available to download for its users. The App Store contains plugin for these categories:

  • Accounting:

    Keeping track of revenues, sales, profit and taxes can increase your headache. Spotify Accounting plugins can imports customers data and automatically sync with your accounting software. They saves time, increase productivity and eliminates your headache.

  • Email Marketing:

    Emails are the best way to keep in touch with every customer. With the use of email marketing plugins you can run email campaigns, inform users with latest product & feature updates also keep track of mailing lists. These plugins has support to industry leading mailing software like MailChimp, Mad Mimi.

  • Facebook Commerce & Social Sharing:

    Social sharing is the most user targeting marketing. People shows more interest in what their friends are purchasing. Sharing plugins integrate Facebook Share/like button, Tweet button in your store. Social sharing results in better conversions and happier customers.

  • Amazon Product Ads Shopping Feeds & Advertisement:

    Marketing can drastically increase product sale and make business successful. With Advertising plugin you can enable PPC on your online store.

  • Digital Downloads:

    Digital Download plugin help you to provide direct download links for eBooks, mp3, movies, webinar, images and other downloadable stuff. No hassles to fulfil the orders and shipments.

  • Affiliate Marketing & Rewards:

    Proving an affiliate link to marketer and customer is a great way to spread your web store to masses and also helps your business. Rewarding your customers encourage them to keep coming back with their friends.

  • Importers:

    Do you use Megento, eBay, WordPress for your eCommerce and want an upgrade to Shopify? If yes, Shopify has Importer plugin that will import your previous eCommerce site data in few clicks.

  • Shopify Anywhere Widget:

    You can share your online stores product on other websites you own with the help of Shopify Anywhere Widgets. This enables on-the-spot purchase, customers can browse your products and make a purchase right from your blog or website.

  • Shipping & Order Fulfilment:

    A product delivery takes many steps from online product order to shipment and delivery at customers door. These plugins are helpful in tracking inventory, shipment labels printing, invoices and everything in between.

Shopify application has very user-friendly interface and outstanding features that increases engagement of your customers on your web shop. If you are building an eCommerce website Shopify is the software you need.


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