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Google Maps For Android Gets New Features & Look

Google Maps is the best way to explore, search and navigate all around the world. With Google Maps for Android application you can get turn-by-turn navigation from your place to your destination. This app helps millions of people daily to get to their destination. After collecting all the data from app downloads and navigation guide, Google found that the Google Maps for Android travels 50 billion kilometres of turn-by-turn directions.

After achieving 50 billion KM target Google today released an update for Google Maps app; Google Map 6.5 for Android. The major change in the look can be seen in Android 4.0+ device home screen. Now it gets easier to enter a new destination, favourite location and recent history locations by swiping left or right.

There are several minor changes applied in this update as listed below:

Settings to pick Preferred Public Transit Mode and Route Option:

In this updated version you can prioritize transit mode to either bus, walking or subway. When it comes to helping you reaching your destination with ease and less time, Google Maps always helps you. So in this version you can set a preferred route option from the three modes; best route, fewer transfers or less walking. Choosing the right transit mode and route option you can reach to your destination as soon as possible with comfort.

High Resolution Map for High Pixel Density Screens:

Latest devices like Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, Motorola Droid Razor have high pixel density screens. Google Maps 6.5 for Android app delivers higher resolution maps for such devices. This way Maps utilizes every pixel of your screen and deliver crisper, sharp or less cluttered maps. This updated version also gives high color contrast and less labels to make Maps more easy to read. Now the panning and zooming on maps become faster and more responsive.

Google Maps also improves voice-guided GPS navigation system in this update. if you havn’t installed Google Maps on your Android phone, go to Google Play and download Google Maps.


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