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Google+ Now Has a Share Button

Google now adds a Share button to share webpages to its social media platform Google+. This Share button also works as the way Google +1 button does but with more control. By giving +1 to a webpage you simply recommend that page and can see all your +1 pages inside your Google Plus profile.

But The Google+ Share button works differently from the Google +1 button. The Share button allows you to share an article with your circles or followers on Google Plus. Your Share’s will be displayed on your profile and Google+ News Feeds. You have full control to whom you’re sharing as you can share content to public, to your circles or make it private. But +1 was public and you have no control over it. You can click multiple times on the Google+ Share button so you can share the same page with different groups and customize your comment for that link.

Working of the Google+ Share button is similar to the Facebook Like button. Both includes share count and thumbnails of people in your circles or friend list who have already shared that item.

Google+ Share button must not be called as Facebook Like killer or Twitter replacer, because Google Plus has less user base. And most of its user are either bloggers, web masters, online marketers or people who’re forced by Google to join it. They don’t visit their Google Plus daily or even weekly. So there are less chances that webmasters include this Share button on their website or blog.

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