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Google’s Easter Egg ‘Zerg Rush’ Eats Your Search Result

Today, Google adds another Easter Egg fun in its search result page. If you search for the term ‘Zerg Rush’ you will be surprised to see the fun. You will be landed on general Google search result page but within few seconds some Os, come from all sides of browser window, from above, below and side, than eats whole search results and form two big Gs. This Google Easter Egg trick is related to the popular StarCraft game.

Google gives you chance to fight with these Os and save search results. Double click on search terms, it will change cursor to plus sign. Now start clicking on an O to destroy it than move to other one. Google counts the number of Os you destroy in the right sidebar. The more quickly you vanish these Os, the more quick they appear and finally you loose.

After you loose battle against evil Os they will form two big G on the webpage. Than you can share your score with Google+ Circles. If you want to clear this screen, click on ‘X’ button above the score.Let’s have fun and share your views about this Easter Egg.

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