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Google Working on ‘Google Assistant’, a Siri Rival

Google’s mobile phone operating system, Android is the major rival to Apple’s iOS. Apple launched voice assistant Siri on iPhone 4S which makes it most advance smartphone on the planet. Siri had generated a lot of excitement across the world. To bring the magic of Siri like application on Android platform, Google is reportedly preparing a voice-enabled application.

Google may name it as Google Assistant. This application needs some hardware and core operating system changes. We know about Google as the web giant and a company who wants to dominate the world by cooking great products and apps. Google Assistant is expected to surpass the features and capabilities of Apple’s Siri. Google Assistant won’t just be a tool to retrieve information and send it back to the user, but it should be able to help users with their goals. Siri is a standalone app on iPhone 4S, but Google plans to integrate this feature into all type of applications. To make it possible for application developers to create voice-enabled apps, Google is mulling over releasing an API.

Android team is also working on a voice-powered ‘do-engine’, which will be powered by Google’s, Google+ social network and Google +1. Voice assistance on smartphone is not a new concept. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS has similar feature for more than a year since it was released. But as peoples are addicted to Apple hype, Siri got a buzz over internet. Apple has announced that they are to implement SIRI to Apple TV and Other iOS Devices other than iPhone. We are expecting Siri integration on iPad 3.

Google is likely to launch its own version of Siri by the fourth quarter of this year. We can expect a bigger change in Android platform and its apps with the launch of this voice assistance.

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