How to Backup & Synchronize Your Windows Clipboard

The cloud and Dropbox  are the big deals in backup and synchronize data from pc and mobile, however here are two apps that can backup and synchronize data from windows clipboard, ArchiveClipboard for backup and CloudClip for synchronisation .


ArchiveClipboard (Backup)


ArchiveClipboard is a solution to keeping a backup of your clipboard. The ArchiveClipboard  works perfectly with  desktop, laptop, and netbooks running Windows, Mac, or Linux. Every modern version of these operating systems is fully supported by ArchiveClipboard, and the only dependency is Java.


ArchiveClipboard boasts a no-nonsense interface that is very attractive, lightweight, and easy to use. On the main UI, you will see two panes – your system clipboard and the archive clipboard. Your system clipboard includes the text, image, or file currently copied. Your archive clipboard shows all previous clipboard entries.

This is the application in its entirety. It’s just that simple. The Settings menu will allow you to toggle monitoring for text, images, and files. You can also set ArchiveClipboard to run in your system tray and notify you when events occur (such as your system clipboard being updated). ArchiveClipboard has localization support for Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

ArchiveClipboard is everything you want for keeping a record of your clipboard and nothing more.




CloudClip allows you to keep your clipboard synchronized across multiple computers and multiple platforms including Mac OSX and Windows. CloudClip is perfect if you use a number of different computers at work, at home or in both locations and you want to keep your clipboard in sync at all times. Coders love ClipCloud as it allows for a more streamlined cross-platform development workflow between different computers and platforms.


Currently CloudClip is free to use. We may introduce a premium version of CloudClip with additional functionality in the future.Currently, CloudClip only sync’s text. Images and files are not supported due to their size which is to ensure sync speeds remain fast. CloudClip is a desktop application that sits quietly in the background. It is currently available for Windows and Mac OSX. Linux, iOS and Android support is coming soon.

First you need to register an account on their website, which is only to know who to associate your cloud account data with. They won’t spam you with emails and actually don’t even require for you to confirm your email address after registration. CloudClip does not have support to synchronize images and other files, which is explained on their site so that “speeds remain fast.” It’d be a great feature, but the clipboard is primarily used for storing text anyway.

Upon registering, you’re immediately able to download the application on either your Windows or Mac computer. Like ArchiveClipboard, CloudClip has yet to support mobile devices but they are pushing towards it in the future. After downloading the application, click into theAccount tab, enter your username and password, and log in.

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