[How-to] Convert .XPS file to .PDF

Microsoft introduced a new file format with Windows Vista operating system, named XPS (XML Paper Specification). Like Adobe Systems’s PDF format, XPS is a fixed-layout document format designed to preserve document fidelity, providing device-independent document appearance. PDF is a database of objects, created from PostScript and also directly generated from many applications, whereas XPS is based on XML.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 has got built in integrated XPS document Writer and if Microsoft Office 2007 has XPS plugin which allows users to create XPS files. You can view XPS files with Windows XPS viewer available for Vista and 7, but if you has Windows XP operating system then you need to convert these files to PDF. There are some online tools too to view XPS files.

XPS files generally open in Internet Explorer and one need to have .NET framework 3.0 and higher to open those documents, though there are some Mozilla Firefox add-on to open it in Firefox. You can convert XPS files to PDF and then in DOC formats.

Convert XPS to PDF file:

  • Open XPS file in Internet Explorer. Download XPS viewer add on for IE if you not have one.
  • Now install CutePDF Printer to create PDF files. This virtual printer installs a “printer subsystem” on your PC. This will virtually allows Windows applications to create professional quality PDF documents.
  • Now you need to open your .XPS file and go to File and Print, select PDF from the printers list. Now click on Print, this will convert XPS file to PDF file. Now your file is ready to save as PDF.

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