How to find ip address in Windows And Mac

There are two types of ip address:-
Local ip address
external ip address 

First we are going to find local ip address for windows.This is simply a step by step process:-

1. Click on the Start menu,type cmd and press enter.
2. In the command line window type ipconfig and press enter.
3. See “IPv4 Address.” The number across from that text is your local IP address.

Lets see how to find local ip address for mac:-


1. Go to the Apple Menu, then select System Preferences.

2. Click on “Network” in the System Preferences panel.
3. Under “Show”,select the network interface that you want the IP/MAC address for.
4. To find the IP address, click on the TCP/IP tab.
If you want to know your external ip address then:- 

Type “”what’s my IP”” in Google search engine.
Click on the the first link “What’s My IP Address”.
Your external ip address will be displayed on this link.

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