Mozilla introduced its new social API and also announced its first social integration with Facebook Messenger for Firefox in its  latest version 17.0. The update comes across all three platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux. With the Facebook Messenger for Firefox users no longer need to keep Facebook open in a tab to be notified of new updates.


Facebook Messenger for Firefox keeps users connected to Facebook irrespective of the website they visit on the Firefox Web browser. Facebook Messenger also allows users to chat on Facebook without having to navigate away from a Web page they are visiting and also view notifications, friend requests and messages by clicking the icons in the upper-right corner of Firefox. The Facebook sidebar that is a part of the new add-on to Firefox displays the news feed as well as a list of chat contacts online. The sidebar can be hidden or opened with the simple click of a button at the users discretion.

Facebook Messenger for Firefox

If you are interested to try this new add-on can download the latest version of Mozilla’s browser here. if you don’t like this add on to the browser can remove it with a simple click of a button.To get the Facebook Messenger for Firefox download and install the latest version of Firefox and then visit the Facebook Messenger for Firefox page and click on the ‘Turn On.’ button.

Mozilla will add more features to Facebook Messenger for Firefox and also bring in other social networking services.


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