iPad 3 Expected Specifications

Apple send invitations to media groups for a March 7 event, which is expected as iPad 3 release announcement. At the moment there are no absolutely correct and official information about iPad 3 specification. But there are thousands of tech blogs predicts specifications for this most awaited gadget of the year. People are expecting much higher configurations for the next generation iPad. We have compiled some specs from different websites and blogs, mostly from them are rumours.

Faster Processors: iPad 3 will feature a faster processor and enhanced graphics. If we believe on rumours than the third generation iPad will have a quad-core processor and A5X chip. Apple working on A6 and A5X simultaneously but there are less possibilities for A6 chip in iPad 3. Apple may also increase RAM in this upcoming version.

4G LTE Support: Apple is known for implementing latest technology to its devices. In this series, Apple iPad 3 may introduce 4G LTE network capabilities on iPad 3. 4G or LTE networks can cause serious strain on battery, so Apple may not implement it unless it has a larger battery.

Retina Display: According to rumours, iPad 3 may have a retina display with a reso;ution of 2,048 x 1,536. iPad 2 had a multi-touch display with IPS technology. Apple may change its size to a smaller or larger screen. Smaller screen to make it more handy and suitable to fit in pockets

More Storage Capacity: iPad 2 is available in three models based on memory, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. The next version may have 128GB of space. Apple may include a port for external SD card.

Siri: Like iPhone 4S, Apple may add Siri dictation to the next-generation iPad. Siri was the most advance feature in iPhone and it also boost the sell of iPhone 4S. Apple may bet on this feature to make it available to iPad 3.

High Resolution Screen: It’s also been rumoured that the next-generation iPad will have a high-resolution screen – possibly even double dpi — and a stronger interior.

Better Camera: It is the demand of time and consumers that next version of iPad should have an 8 MP camera like the iPhone 4S with some additional features. Better camera would be a plus point for Apple to stay ahead of its tablet competitors like Samsung.

Bigger Battery: Company may increase in battery and graphics power in the new Apple tablet. Some websites claims that the new casing appears to accommodate a larger battery.

Software Improvements: There are many expectations from iPad 3 in-terms of software improvements. Will 1080p support come not only to the video player but to iTunes as well? Does FaceTime on the iPad need to let us do conference calls? We are expecting new version for iMovie, office for iPad, home button redesign.

Same or Lower Prices than iPad 2: A less expensive iPad model will also be released with the next-generation iPad to offer an alternative to the Kindle Fire. Since the cost of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G lowered after the iPhone 4S debuted, it’s possible that the first two versions of the iPad could experience a price drop.

People expecting a much better tablet PC which could work the same way as laptop does. This will reduce weight to carry one device rather than carry both laptop and tablet for daily work. Lets wait for official iPad 3 specifications on March 7th.

What do you think about these rumours? What are your expectations from this new version of iPad?

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