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iPhone 5 set To Launch on 12 Sept

Apple starts sending invitations to journalists and techblogs for Sept 12th event. The image they attached in the invitation shows a number 12 in front and a shadow of number 5. So its almost clear that they are preparing for the iPhone 5 launch event. As the shadow shows digit 5 that means the next iPhone name must be iPhone 5 not ‘New iPhone’.

iPhone 5 will be a iOS 6 powered device with some more feature improvements. As always there are many rumours about the iPhone 5 design, features and specifications. Here are some features that are must needed on this device.

1. 4G LTE Support: Its the need of todays internet users and as iPhone leads the smartphone market, LTE is the most awaited feature on it. Without LTE support Apple will surely loose a big amount of customers. Samsung, HTC and Motorola already launched LTE devices.

2. Bigger Screen: Unlike Android phones bigger screen of up to 5 inches, Apple iPhone only has 3.5inches screen. If Apple seriously want to beat Android and Samsung the new iPhone must have at least 4-inches screen. Higher resolution will be plus point to its features but current resolution is also good enough.

3. NFC Support: As more and more retailer starts using NFC for transactions, Apple should include NFC support in iPhone 5.

4. Removable battery and microUSB port: This is one of the biggest drawback of Apple devices as they don’t provide removable batteries. Many users complaint about problems in their iPhone’s battery but Apple refuses these complains by saying that they will replace their phone with a new device. Also new iPhone should have microUSB support to ease the process of data transfer.

There are many other rumours but above features must be included in iPhone 5. Competition in smartphone industry rises to its peak and Apple must provide best features to compete with Android and its strongest manufacturing rival Samsung.

The price for iPhone 5 may be the same as iPhone 4S. Apple may announce price drop for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. As expected Apple already announces to stop support for iPhone 3. Stay tuned with us to get complete picture of Sept 12 event.

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