Apple is planning to use a large screen on iPhone 5 (or the next-generation iPhone), reliable source said. The news leaked in press because Apple recently orders new displays from suppliers in Japan and South Korea.

According to sources the next-generation iPhone will measure 4-inches from corner to corner. Apple is facing tough competition by Samsung Electronics. The Samsung Galaxy S series Android smartphone have 4.8-inch screen, better performance than Apple iPhone and these devices are a big hit. So this is the demand of time that Apple must launch iPhone with bigger screen.

There are many rumours about specs and features of new iPhone. Apart from the big screen size, the second most rumoured thing is its body. Rumour says that the next version will be made of LiquidMetal. LiquidMetal is a mixture of several different metals that can make it light-weight and more durable. iPhone 5 may have a 10MP or 12 MP rear Full HD camera and a 5MP front camera. Apple may also enable NFC in this new version.

If everything worked fine then iPhone 5 production will began in August. Till then wait for the launch and subscribe to our free newsletter.


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