Apple launched a new application Localhero for iPhone.LocalHero allows you to find friends and people nearby whose skills and interests match your needs and are likely to help you out.Localhero is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 4.0 or later.

Features of new Localhero application:-

1. You can choose to find help from your friends

2. You can explore your friend’s skills and interests and also learn new things about your friends.

3. You can help your friends and people nearby.

The application connects to your Facebook account to sign you up and to check if any of your friends are on Localhero. It also scans through your profile and posts to make a list of your skills.You will be amazed at how many heroes you will find among your friends and people around you, Just post something you need and LocalHero does the rest.

You can ask your question, assign a picture to it, specify which part of the world it should focus on, add a set of relevant skills and decide whether you want it to be shared with just your friends or anyone within the Localhero network.Localhero is available on the App Store for free.It is not a universal application.

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