Efficient and highly productive recruitment and hiring in any organization requires exceptional organizational skills in that company’s HR manager. With the inflow of resumes and an email inbox choked with SSC job applications sorting out all the received resumes, keeping track of all the eligible applicants, and focusing on and reaching the most suitable candidate can be a daunting task for a recruiter. If you have such a chaotic scenario in the Human Resource department of your company, then it is time you got an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage all your recruitment needs. ATS is a software that is designed to handle the receipt, sorting, and filing of resumes and creating a company’s applicant database.  It helps create candidate profiles as well as a corporate career site, and matches the company’s HR needs with the best available applicant. The applicant tracking software automates the entire hiring process right from the creation of requisitions, posting the openings across job boards, screening the received resumes, short listing the potential applicants, sending emails for interview calls, to ensuring background checks and compliance with federal regulations.

The job market is very dynamic and intensely competitive. Every CEO expects his HR Manager to scoop up the best talent on offer. ATS is a very effective tool that has been a big help to the recruiters in planning better recruitment strategies; while cutting on the costs and time involved in the hiring process. The streamlining of recruitment has allowed the HR personnel to concentrate on the other equally important functions their position entails. Though, large organizations simply cannot operate optimally without an applicant tracking system, the tool is as effective in improving the productivity of the small and medium enterprises.

ATS is being continually developed to make it an even more potent recruitment management tool. Some of the powerful features that are being offered by the highly advanced applicant tracking systems are:

  • Web based applicant tracking software: The web based ATS allows the recruiters to have access to the system from anywhere. A recruiting team on the move can benefit greatly from the cloud enabled application.
  • Social media integration in ATS: Social recruitment, automated job posting on social networks, tracking the applicants’ status updates and profiles on different social network, managing employee referrals etc. are very much a part of the advanced ATS popular today.
  • Capability of resume parsing: Automated reading of email/web resumes and creating shortlists is an important part of an ATS. Nowadays, the resume parsing functionalities have become even more sophisticated to deliver highly improved applicant matching.
  • Effective reporting: Powerful and reliable reporting and analytical capabilities are a must in today’s applicant tracking system to save the recruiting staff from wasting valuable time on endless spreadsheets.
  • Maximizing automation: Though automation is a hallmark of an ATS; the software is ever-evolving to include even more related tasks, and reducing the repetitive and laborious manual work.

Applicant tracking software is a great tool for keeping track of your past, present and prospective employees and the choice of a suitable ATS can truly empower your recruitment initiatives.


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