Google’s Music Beta service, which allows users to upload up to 20,000 tracks to the cloud and then access them from any computer, has launched on iOS devices.Google released an HTML5-powered webapp for Google Music specifically for iOS4 users, so they can play music from their Google Music account on their iPhones or iPads.

It allows you to play your music and allows you to browse your music in a number of ways including by the Artist, Album, Song, and more. It’s very easy to navigate and the design is fabulous.Tracks will play in the background while browsing other parts of the library, and you can control playback with the standard iOS play, pause, and skip controls.The option to cache the music for offline use is not available in the webapp, and you cannot create either standard playlists or instant mixes.

Google Music was initially available for Windows, Android and Mac. But today, that Google Music is available for iOS devices.The web app allows you to only listen to music but doesn’t support allow you to upload or manage your music collection.The Google Music webapp for iOS is certainly no replacement for a native app, but it is nice to have an option to play your uploaded tracks from your iPad or iPhone.

Users with an invite the beta service can browse to in Safari browser on their iPhone or iPad to access the new Music Beta webapp.


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