New Updated Quicksilver App Supports OS X Lion

Quicksilver, a free, open sourced launchbar application has added support for Mac OS X Lion in the latest update.QuickSilver allows you to set your own shortcut/hot keys to launch other apps, windows, delete files – pretty much anything. The purpose of QuickSilver is to speed up your workflow.

This is the first major update for the app, which was made open-source years ago by original developers Blacktree Software. In addition to Lion support, the update also includes over 40 new feature additions, fixes and changes. Among those changes are automatic plugins updates and a brand new logo.

Quicksilver offers multiple interface choices, from a menu bar to a transparent bezel that hovers over your desktop. Its other features include a task viewer, a shelf for storing frequently accessed files, and a clipboard history. Quicksilver is a fantastic addition for anyone looking for alternative ways to launch applications from the Dock or to hunt through the Finder for files.Recent updates fixed many crashing and localization issues, and also updated Quicksilver to a faster default compiler.

The search function is very quick and powerful in Quicksilver and once you have found what you are looking for you can apply a number of actions like simply launching it, emailing or moving. What’s more Quicksilver adapts to the file it finds, so if it’s a document you will get to modify or send it, and if it’s an email you will get to email or copy it.

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