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Remote Video Surveillance From Anywhere With iCam

Whenever you away from home, on vacation, traveling for work and you want to monitor your office area or want to track your children activities in another room. All these problems cab be solved with a little video surveillance. If you looking for a cheap and easy solution than iCam will help you.

iCam is the simple way to set up remote video surveillance using your smartphone to keep an eye on things while you are away. iCam is available for PC, Mac and Android operating system. With iCam you can use your laptop, desktop or tablets web cam as a surveillance device. First you have to download iCam on your device and install it. Make a new account or use an existing account to register/login. Select web cam to use as a video surveillance device on your laptop and click start. Allow firewall access for this software application.

Now download mobile application for your Android phone or iOS device. Install it on your phone and than enter username and password combination for your account you want to track. You can allow push notification for movements, so that when any movement detected by your laptop webcam, you got notified by your phone app. Hit Done and you are ready to start video surveillance right from your Android phone.

This software app also stores some images snapshots in an assigned folder, so that you can view them on your laptop/tablet anytime. For making it available anytime anywhere you can configure this folder as your DropBox folder. After that you can view those images in your DropBox account. You can also use IP camera to use instead of laptop webcam. In order for this setup to work, the computers you use as surveillance cameras must remain on and connected to the Internet.

You have to spend $5 to buy premium app features like motion detection, audio streaming, multi-camera monitoring and lot more.

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