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Retouch a Photo on Web Using Aviary Image Editor

We use smartphone with 5, 8 or 12 mega pixel built-in cameras and capture every moment of life with it. These high potential smartphone cameras replaces traditional SLR and Digital Camera to a higher extent. But the quality of photos taken by these camera phones is not brilliant and hence we need an image retouching or editing software.

Adobe Photoshop is the most famous software program for retouching, editing and manipulating images on a computer. There are many web based tools available which can perform most basic tasks of Photoshop and even more than that.

Aviary Image Editor Google Chrome extension is an incredibly useful and fun web-based image editor that can be utilized by anyone looking to retouch and manipulate a photo. From basic image editing to manipulating complex effects, Aviary’s Advanced Image Editor delivers essential key features available in powerful desktop clients right through your browser.

Aviary provides its users with an easy-to-use and accessible application that will spawn creativity and sharing with every use. You can create business cards and letterheads, make greeting cards and PowerPoint presentations. Aviary can enhancing your family photos building a stunning PowerPoint slide background.

Aviary Image Editor Extension Key Features:

  1. Over 30 rich editing tools
  2. Powerful layers
  3. Import from popular photo-sharing sites
  4. Large database of image effects
  5. Resource browser
  6. Blend Mode

You can designing colorful children’s posters, add funny subtitles to everyday photos and creating personal comic books to entertain your children. Crop photos to the perfect size and create eye-catching web designs.

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