There are some great features in Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Only few smartphone have ICS preinstalled but you can upgrade your phone to Android 4.0. One of the cool feature in Android 4.0 is that, users can now politely decline phone calls and at the same time send the caller a quick response text message. While the feature isn’t entirely new to the Android platform but the location of the settings for the feature have changed. Now you can send a quick response direct from the call alert screen, which now has three options Accept, Decline and Send quick response SMS.

Samsung, in partnership with Android owner Google, launched first ICS powered smartphone, Nexus. If you ever messed with this feature on the Motorola Atrix, you would have gone into Settings > Call settings > Text message reply to change any of the replies. Not anymore. The settings for the Phone app on Ice Cream Sandwich are now located in the actual Phone app, not the Settings app. To change the default quick response, follow the simple instructions below.

1. Open Phone app and tap on settings option. This option menu have various options for call settings like Quick response, Voicemail service, Voicemail settings, Voice privacy, tones settings etc.

2. On Phone settings menu you will see Quick Response setting at first place, tap on it. There are around 4 pre-installed quick responses to send, like ‘Can’t talk now. What’s up?’ or ‘I’ll call you later’ etc.

3. You can’t add more Quick Responses to the list; but can edit them. It’s very simple, tap on the response you want to edit and write whatever you want. Write those lines which you use frequently like, “Sorry honey, I’m in meeting, call you later”. After editing a response press OK to save it. You can write a long note in this response message, nearly more then 350 letters. This is pretty helpful to say why are you not answering call.

4. That’s it, You are done.

Now use this ICS feature when you stuck in a meeting with client. When a person calls you, slide circle to up to the messaging icon. Then you prompt to the Quick Response written in your phone, choose any of them or create new custom message. When you tap on any predefined response, call will immediately decline and send a message to sender.

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