Returned from a vacation and have some great pictures and videos of the tour. Now want to show these phone captures to family members and friends. Viewing on smartphone’s small screen is not a good idea, so here’s a way to stream media on big monitor screen of your PC. Almost all Android smartphones have streaming function, our trick work on this feature.

With streaming feature you can stream your smartphone media files like images, music and videos to other devices. To stream content you just need an Android app named ‘VLC Direct’ (free) on your smartphone and ‘VLC Media Player’ (Free) on you computer. Now connect both of these devices over same wireless router network. Now follow these simple steps:

1. Start VLC Direct app on your Android device and follow the process to configure video streaming.

2. Start VLC Media Player on your PC and enable Web Interface (View > Add Interface > Web Interface).

3. Click on Start button to initiate connection between phone and VLC media player on PC. VLC Direct app will detect Media player with web interface enabled. Once done app shows you success message.

4. Go to your phone media folder and select images, audio or video files to stream. All your media files can be seen on big PC screen. If you want some more fun then connect your PC or laptop to big TV screen or Projector and enjoy media streaming on even more big screens.

You can control the playback (stop, play, pause, forward or rewind) and volume controls too. What’s more is that you can also pull up the list of media files stored on the PC (running the VLC Media Player) and play it. Essentially your handset serves as a remote control for the media on your PC or device while viewing them on a corresponding network device.


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