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Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 :The 1.5 Terabyte Giant

seagate-st31000340as-persIs your computer ready to eat a huge amount of data in its ┬ástomach? Is 1TB space is not sufficient for you,you don’t need to worry too much about it,because Seagete has introduced a 1.5TB HDD, which will provide you a much needed storage capacity that was never possible before. To achieve the capacity of 1.5 TB ,Seagate didn’t crammn in any additional disk platter,rather increased the disk storage density of about 375GB,so that the hard drive’s thickness doesn’t change.With the launch of this Barracuda drive,Seagate marks the single largest capacity jump in the history of hard drives,an increase of 500GB from the previous highest capacity of 1TB.

The drive has a spindle speed of 7200 RPM,and