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Google+ Now Has a Share Button

Google now adds a Share button to share webpages to its social media platform Google+. This Share button also works as the way Google +1 button does but with more control. By giving +1 to a webpage you simply recommend that page

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Enable, Disable and Delete Posts Revisions in WordPress

Post Revisions are automatically created revision content for your posts. Whenever you save a post or a page, the old version is retained so you can revert back at any time. Older revisions are never deleted so you always have a full history of all page changes. Automatic posts saving feature will be helpful when your post deleted accidently.

Blogging Tips

Must use Gadget for Blogspot Users : Blogger gadgets

recentcommentsGadgets or what we call it Widgets are great source for increasing pageviews. gadgets like recent post,similar post,popular post really contbute a great amount of page views and keep your visitor stick on your page.

Blogspot users also get some additional features