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Configure Email App on Android Devices for Google Apps Email

In our previous post we show you how to configure Android email app to deliver emails from Gmail. That was really an easy task to complete and you just need incoming and outgoing IMAP & SMTP ports. Today I am going to show you how to

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For Better Follow Up, Add Labels & Star While Sending Emails

Have you sent an important email to client for regular payments or your new services and want to follow up on. But after few days you realized that you forgot to follow that. Gmail and many other email services provider gives facility to assign Star and Labels for received mails. But what about sent mail?

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[How-to] Play WAV Audio files in Gmail without Downloading

To control the whole web is a policy of Google. Company always try to make new applications and tools similar to existing but popular services. Gmail, Google+, Google chrome OS and Brower, Android are just the example to prove this strategy. 

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Gmail lab feature email addict: take a break from Email

Today the email system has became the main stream of communication as in almost every industry even the smallest order is done via sending email. Now when it comes to uses we check each and every minute  for new emails but sticking through email or the Internet may also cause harmful effects to our health so it is always advisable to get some rest and leave the system for few minutes

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Use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail to save time

I am considering Gmail strongly these days because i am finding most of us use gmail or google apps for your own domain for email or online presence so by using some features that are present in there already we can make our speed faster or do things with a less effort. previously on Techmadly we also discussed how to send canned response if you dont have


How to insert image directly in Gmail

Whenever you want to send an image in a mail you usually attach it and that takes your precious time or by embed some HTML codes.

Gmail recently announced a new feature under Gmail Lab setting from which you can insert image by clicking a little image icon appear above the message typing box.

How to activate:

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Gmail for iPhone : Gmail revised

Recently Gmail announced a major revision in its mobile version and there are several features available for iPhone Android phone users.The new features introduced are :

1) Its user interface for  fast opening of messages

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How to Preview Youtube videos in Gmail Inbox (Techmad tips #14)

Youtube video links are a very common in our gmail inbox.But opening the video in another tab is quite annoying. So Gmail understand the problem of its users and made a fantastic lab application by the help of which you can preview youtube video

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Gmail outage:Apology from Google

Today what happened is really unexpected:Users of Gmail start outage.At 1:30 a.m. PST, Gmail consumer and businesses accounts worldwide could not get access to their email, said Google’s Gmail site
reliability manager Acacio Cruz, in a blog posting Tuesday. “We’re working very hard to solve the problem and we’re really sorry for the inconvenience.
According to latest news google resolved the problem and users have had access restored,” Google said on its Gmail status page.

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How to Add Location in Gmail email Signatures (Techmad tips#4)

This post will attract the user who travel a lot and using continuously there gmail. You can now instruct Gmail to automatically add your current geographic location to all your outgoing email messages so that recipients get to know where you are at the moment.

Gmail takes the IP address of the computer from where you are sending that email and uses it to determine the city / state / country from where you are writing that email.

Step 1: Enable the Location in Signature module from the Lab Settings of your Gmail / Google Apps of Gmail.

Step 2: Open the Setting tab of Gmail