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Browse 160+ Google Services With a Single Click

Google, the search giant is not limited to search engine, it now became the soul of web. We can’t imagine web without Google. Google has 160+ web properties and services

Browsers Google Chrome Internet Tools

Access All Google Services with a single Menu

Google has tens of web services used by millions of people daily. The new unified menu bar by Google contains few of very popular Google sites.

Browsers Google Chrome Internet Tools

Perform Google Search Using an Image

Google is no doubt the best web search engine. It crawls and store al most every webpage on the web. No only text it also stores images in its database. Google provides

Browsers Google Chrome

Add Auto Replay Button in YouTube Page

YouTube is the best video sharing website on the web as Millions of users visits it daily. Although default YouTube player is good enough for all basic video viewing needs.


Google+ Gets New YouTube And Chrome Integration

Google has announced the integration of two more Google products: You Tube and chrome into Google+ social network.With the integration of You Tube directly into Google+ it become easier for the users to watch and share their favourite videos with circles.Google is also going to launch a YouTube “slider” in the stream.
The main working of this YouTube slider is given below:-

1. Go to the YouTube icon which is placed at the top right of Google+ then mouse over this icon.
2. It will ask “What would you like to play”.
3. Enter whatever in your mind such as a new topic or a musical band artist.

Google is also going to start a unique list of related videos which will open in a new pop up window.You Tube videos that you share with people will have option to open a related playlist directly from your post.There are two new Google+ chrome extensions have added in Google+ :-

1. +1 button:You can give +1 to any webpage and share it with your circles.
2. Notifications: You can also check your Google+ notifications each time you surfing the web.

If you are not using Google chrome then you can use Google Toolbar for Internet explorer.This is a new version that includes same sharing and notification features.

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Now You Can Sync Open Tabs And Custom Search Engines In Google Chrome

Google Chrome has many best features which makes it more popular amongst all the other browsers such as speed, robustness and the most important cloud synchronization.With the help of this feature you are able to automatically retrieved your bookmarks,extensions,passwords and themes to your Google account,so you can restore them on any computer.

If you change any thing in your office computer such as change in bookmarks,passwords and the settings then these changes will be automatically reflect in the computer which is in your home.While this cloud sync function is just awesome the developers have added two new functions in the Cloud Sync:-Now you can sync open tabs and custom search engines.To enable this feature

1. Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar
2. Enable sync open tabs and custom search engines.
3. Go to chrome://settings/personal then click on Advanced
4. You have to make sure that new options are selected or not.
5. Now you can use the exactly same search engine shortcuts everywhere

This feature will be beneficial at the time when you have open more than 20 tabs in Google chrome and suddenly the browser crashed or your computer ran out of power.You can now be able to re -open your last used tabs on the same computer but not in the other computer.With open tabs syc added to Google chrome you need not to worry about which tab is open in your office computer and in your home computer which which web page you were reading.


Facebook Rolled Out A Like Button Chrome Extension

Facebook Also Quietly Rolled Out A Like Button Chrome Extension


Facebook Like Button extension, that according to Google’s “verified author” service is indeed built by Facebook itself. But hardly anyone knows about this extension, it has just 500 users!


Facebook isn’t touting it at all yet because it is kind of weak. When you click the thumbs up icon, you get a drop-down menu asking you to click an actual Like Button in an overlay. So it’s two-clicks to “like” something. But it does also come with the nice ability to leave a comment as you share something (which the +1 Button extension doesn’t do yet). And it adds Facebook share options to your right-click menu items.


we noted that Google quietly rolled out their +1 Button Chrome extension a couple days ago. It’s more powerful than it may seem because you can now easily +1 any page you’re browsing on the web regardless of if the owner of that content placed a button on their site.


After the Google +1 Button extension, a number of readers seemed concerned about Google’s ability to track all of your web movements. Obviously, they’ll have the same concerns about Facebook with this button. Here’s what Facebook has to say on the matter:

You do not need to be logged in to Facebook to install this plugin, but to like, share or recommend a page you will need to log in to a current Facebook account, or create a new one. While the plugin is installed, it will display the total number of likes for the page you are viewing. To provide a personalized experience.

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How To Reveal a Secret Facebook List of People You’ve Been Stalking

Install a little bookmarklet in your browser, and soon you’ll be presented with a list of people you search for most often on Facebook. This reveals the data that gives Facebook some of its magic, where it’s able to predict who you’re searching for when you type names into the search field. And, it could be a bit embarrassing.
It’s perfectly safe, and it’s also easy to install — as long as you’re not using Facebook with “https”. Go to TheKeesh, drag the image (or drag this text link, the image wouldn’t work for me) provided on that site to your bookmarks bar, go to Facebook, and click on the bookmark you’ve installed.
Suddenly, you’ll see a long list of people’s names, each with a corresponding number. You’ll notice that the names at the top are those whom you search and interact with most often. It’s mildly shocking to see a list, right there in your face, of those you stalk the most. And no, I won’t show you my list.
How is this list ordered? According to Jeremy, purveyor of TheKeesh and the guy who discovered this capability and created the JavaScript to view it, “I can only guess, but it seems like they order it based on who you interact with, whose profile you look at and who you have recently become friends with.” He adds, “Basically, you will find a list which is mostly who Facebook thinks you are Facebook stalking.”
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Google Windows

“Google Related” A New Extention Of Chrome launched by “Google”….

Google has announced a new Chrome Extension and Google Toolbarfeature called Google Related, which suggests new content relevant to the page you’re currently viewing. The extension offers many kinds of suggestions, including Web pages, shopping, maps and Google Places results. Google Related displays a toolbar at the bottom of the browser window, and the suggestions pop up when the mouse hovers over them. If you like a suggestion, there’s a built in +1 button.

In order to provide these suggestions, Google obviously has to track your browser history. The Google Relatedand Google Toolbar privacy notices describe how the information is used and stored. Installing browser extensions or plug-ins is voluntary, of course, and they can be disabled or uninstalled anytime.



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Google Chrome released to the Dev channel for Windows

Google Chrome developers have released a new version of chrome browser on the dev channel.

This latest release looks to be only for the  windows OS users.

they fixed many of the issue like

Highlights in this release: