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[How-to] Download All Your Google Data From Takeout

Google securely maintains all the information about a particular user. Google also give users a facility to download all of their account data in a zip file. You can download all of your contacts, docs,

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Google Maps For Android Gets New Features & Look

Google Maps is the best way to explore, search and navigate all around the world. With Google Maps for Android application you can get turn-by-turn navigation from your place to your destination.

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For Better Follow Up, Add Labels & Star While Sending Emails

Have you sent an important email to client for regular payments or your new services and want to follow up on. But after few days you realized that you forgot to follow that. Gmail and many other email services provider gives facility to assign Star and Labels for received mails. But what about sent mail?

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Google Working on ‘Google Assistant’, a Siri Rival

Google’s mobile phone operating system, Android is the major rival to Apple’s iOS. Apple launched voice assistant Siri on iPhone 4S which makes it most advance smartphone on the planet. Siri had generated a lot of excitement across the world.

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Google Announces Country-Specific Blog Censorship

After Twitters announcement to selectively block tweets on a country-by-country basis, now its Google’s turn to use this trick to avoid global content censorship. Google unveils its plan to block BlogSpot blogs on country bases. Google will now be able to block access in individual countries following a legal removal request.

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Grow Your Audience and Business With Google+

Google+, an emerging social network by Google will help you grow your business, social networks, audience and profit. Its very easy to attract users on Google Plus and make them your loyal customers too. Social media is becoming the next shopping point on the web, so its your turn to produce most out of it.

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Access Expert Knowledge From WolframAlpha App

Wolfram|Alpha is known as Google killer because Google finds links but Wolfram Alpha finds answers to your search. Wolfram Alpha give you access to expert knowledge, mathematical data, wherever you are. Building on 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly

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5 Best Chrome Extensions You Must Have

Google Chrome is the third most used web browser after Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is super fast, secure, extension rich and most updated web browser. To make chrome better there are thousands of extensions available at chrome store.

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[How-to] Play WAV Audio files in Gmail without Downloading

To control the whole web is a policy of Google. Company always try to make new applications and tools similar to existing but popular services. Gmail, Google+, Google chrome OS and Brower, Android are just the example to prove this strategy. 

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Google to Introduce Face Recognition in Google+

Google’s kid Google+ is becoming fancy with Face Recognition feature. This new feature makes members of its online social network automatically find themselves in photos posted by friends. You have control over the tags that you accept or refuse, and you can activate or disable the function in Google+ settings.