Google announced iGoogle games theme

Google announced the launch of iGoogle game themes.Though google already worked for many theme projects and give its best result like artist,fashion and music theme,but this is a very fine step from google to surprise its gaming geeks who always relate their life with games and spend their most part of life in playing games.

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Google Doodle:A missing phenomenon on Holi

Today,when i wake up, i just opened my favourite website,i.e. For something special,but what is special today that i am expecting from google,yes,it’s google doodle, a special logo by google (also called holiday logo)which appear on every festival,every special day. But meanwhile ,i opened my next favourite website and there i found something interesting:3bmp

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Gmail outage:Apology from Google

Today what happened is really unexpected:Users of Gmail start outage.At 1:30 a.m. PST, Gmail consumer and businesses accounts worldwide could not get access to their email, said Google’s Gmail site
reliability manager Acacio Cruz, in a blog posting Tuesday. “We’re working very hard to solve the problem and we’re really sorry for the inconvenience.
According to latest news google resolved the problem and users have had access restored,” Google said on its Gmail status page.

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Huawei Announced First Android Phone At Mobile World Congress

Huawei has announced its first Android-based handset at the Mobile World Congress.This Chinese telecom giant had joined the Open Handset Alliance back in 2008 promising to deliver the goods by early 2009, the current move is a step towards commitment.
While company do not reveal details of a  handset, the company has confirmed its availability in third quater.
Huawei stall has a non working sample of a phone.It resembles like iPhone in a look.


Google licenses Microsoft technology for phone service

Google unveiled Google Sync Monday, a service for iPhone and Windows Mobile users that lets them sync their Gmail contacts and Google calendar events with their phones. At work behind the scenes: Microsoft technology.

Microsoft said in a statement that Google Sync is “made possible by a patent license (Google) obtained from Microsoft covering Google’s implementation of