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This Intel processor is very much expected to launch in the second half of 2009. It is an aim ofIntel to hit the market of low power desktop PC’s and nettops. This will come in two version i.e.  a single core Intel Atom 2 and a powerful dual-core chip. These chips will be manufactured using a 45 nanometer process although Intel intend to move the Atom 2 chip to an even 32nm process. The core frequency will increase from a basic 1.45 GHz to 1.8 GHz,and the silicon area will reduce from 2174mm to 773mm. The current iteration of the Atom chip is found in almost all low-cost netbooks and nettop PCs.Atom 2 processor will also feature hyperthreading.

PROCESSOR specification…

sSpec Number:
CPU Speed:
Bus Speed:
Bus/Core Ratio:
L2 Cache Size:
L2 Cache Speed:

1.60 GHz

533 MHz

512 KB
1.6 GHz

Package Type:
Manufacturing Technology:
Core Stepping:
CPUID String:
Thermal Design Power:
Thermal Specification:
VID Voltage Range: