Orchestra An Awesome Social To-Do App For iPhone

Orchestra is a social To-Do app that connects you to each and every persons within your working area.It Specify task to the others and get updates from them in realtime.With the help of this app you can co-ordinate your daily routine.Either you are in home or outside you can divide your job and think of what the each perticular is doing.

This app is an online productivity tool that allows users to handle all their to-do list online and share them to their family members,colleagues and their friends.You can use Orchestra at your work to keep arrange all the team members in the same page,even you can organise a trip or make programme of a wedding with the help of this useful app.

For using all the services of this useful application it requires for the users to sign-up for a free account.After registration users are able to create and handle their important task with a unique user friendly dashboard.

Orchestra has very great feature of synchronization with web.It is very fast and simple application to use even for non-technical users.It is a user friendly service and totally free of cost.

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Adobe Flash Now Available On Apple iPhones and iPads

Adobe has announced that media publishers can now stream Flash-based video to iPhones and iPads. With the release of Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4.5 it should be possible to use Flash to deliver video streams across several platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and OS X.

Flash Media Server will allow publishers to take their Flash content and create comparable HTTP content that can be viewed on iOS without any adjustment to the devices or the Safari browser. Flash Media Server usually packages video streams using MPEG4 fragments, in the F4F file format. However, the new version adds support for a different protocol, HLS, which Apple created for QuickTime and iOS.

Features of Flash Media Server 4.5:

1. Delivery to iPad and iPhone enables businesses to use the same media and live streams to deliver full adaptive bit-rate experiences to platforms supporting Flash, as well as Apple devices, including iPad and iPhone.

2. Integrated Content Protection simplifies deployment and reduces infrastructure cost, enabling seamless streaming for advertising-funded online video.

3. On-demand Stream Packaging eliminates the need to prepare and protect assets ahead of time, reducing complexity and storage costs and simplifying publishing for businesses so they can use one set of source video to reach multiple downstream devices.

However, the advent of Flash Media Server 4.5 only enables Flash video streaming to iPhones and iPads. Flash-based games, animations and advertisements will still not work on such devices.

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Mockup of iOS 5’s Rumored Assistant Feature

Apple has been rumored to be working on advanced speech recognition technology for some time.

After Apple’s acquisition of Siri, TechCrunch reported in May that negotiations were ongoing with Nuance to integrate their speech recognition technology into iOS. Earlier this week, 9to5mac detailed much of what is expected to be the major new feature in the next generation iPhone to be release on October 4th. The story was met with some skepticism in our forums.

The Assistant function is activated by a long press on the home button. You can then give it voice commands with actions attached that can launch apps and fill in text. Much of this functionality is present in the Siri app, which Apple bought earlier this year.If this functionality is integrated at the system level, it would be much more powerful than any standalone app.

We’ve created this artist rendition (above) of what the Assistant interface looks like based on sources with knowledge of the feature. After a long press on the home button, the screen fades and slides up, just like with the multitasking interface. Revealed is a silver icon with an animated orbiting purple flare which indicates a ready state.

Assistant takes this and combines it with system-wide access to apps and functions of iOS that makes its potential so much more exciting. This video was produced by Jan Michael Cart, who made this lovely iMessage-on-Mac video. It was based on detailed descriptions of the way that Assistant will work.

New Music Web App For iPhone And iPad Launched By Google

Google’s Music Beta service, which allows users to upload up to 20,000 tracks to the cloud and then access them from any computer, has launched on iOS devices.Google released an HTML5-powered webapp for Google Music specifically for iOS4 users, so they can play music from their Google Music account on their iPhones or iPads.

It allows you to play your music and allows you to browse your music in a number of ways including by the Artist, Album, Song, and more. It’s very easy to navigate and the design is fabulous.Tracks will play in the background while browsing other parts of the library, and you can control playback with the standard iOS play, pause, and skip controls.The option to cache the music for offline use is not available in the webapp, and you cannot create either standard playlists or instant mixes.

Google Music was initially available for Windows, Android and Mac. But today, that Google Music is available for iOS devices.The web app allows you to only listen to music but doesn’t support allow you to upload or manage your music collection.The Google Music webapp for iOS is certainly no replacement for a native app, but it is nice to have an option to play your uploaded tracks from your iPad or iPhone.

Users with an invite the beta service can browse to music.google.com in Safari browser on their iPhone or iPad to access the new Music Beta webapp.

Localhero:New Application Launched By APPLE For iPhone

Apple launched a new application Localhero for iPhone.LocalHero allows you to find friends and people nearby whose skills and interests match your needs and are likely to help you out.Localhero is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 4.0 or later.

Features of new Localhero application:-

1. You can choose to find help from your friends

2. You can explore your friend’s skills and interests and also learn new things about your friends.

3. You can help your friends and people nearby.

The application connects to your Facebook account to sign you up and to check if any of your friends are on Localhero. It also scans through your profile and posts to make a list of your skills.You will be amazed at how many heroes you will find among your friends and people around you, Just post something you need and LocalHero does the rest.

You can ask your question, assign a picture to it, specify which part of the world it should focus on, add a set of relevant skills and decide whether you want it to be shared with just your friends or anyone within the Localhero network.Localhero is available on the App Store for free.It is not a universal application.

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