Google Launches Blogger App for iOS

Google has today announced a Blogger app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The app will allow you to write and publish right from your iOS devices and is available immediately for free. Though quite orange, the interface is clean and native-looking, and it allows publishing, drafting and editing of blog posts while on the go. This is the first time that it has been released on the iOS platform, although there has been an Android version available for some time.

The app allows you to publish from multiple Blogger accounts, post images from the gallery or the camera and label your blog posts. The app doesn’t offer a full-fledged blog post editor  but there is also support for tagging a post with a location. You can save your posts as drafts or publish them immediately and browse the list of drafts and posts in your archive. . Its features are comparable to the Android app, which went live in February.


Google has been rearranging things at Blogger in the wake of the Google Plus launch, and this release is a signal that fears that the popular blogging service would be phased out are unfounded. Instead, it looks like Google is going for better integration of Blogger as a sharing option. In April, Google launched a major overhaul of Blogger’s Web interface and features, so it would seem that the product is alive and well.

The app seems to stick to the Google ‘less is more’ aesthetic, with a two-tone orangesickle interface. You also can’t do much more than write and publish. No formatting, no image adjustment, not even a choice of fonts or even a button to add a link. It seems incredibly bare-bones at this point. There are a dozen other alternatives that offer more features on the App Store.

There have been other apps for iOS that allow publishing to Blogger, like BlogPress, but this is the first official one.

OS X Lion 10.7.2 beta and iCloud beta 10 Released By Apple

Apple has launched new beta builds of Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion, It has also released an update to iCloud for Mac.The downloads are available on Apple’s Developer Site.
Beta software basically allows developers to test iCloud integration with Mac and iOS applications.iCloud for OS X Lion beta 10 is an add-on installer for OS X Lion, and gives developers the opportunity to test their software with iCloud before the service launches this fall.

The new System Preferences iCloud module enables granular management of select features, letting you choose which accounts and services to sync.The last betas of Mac OS X 10.7.2 and iCloud were issued to developers in the form of 11C43 and beta 9, respectively. If you’ve installed any previous versions of 10.7.2, you have to revert back to 10.7 using the supplied tool before you update.
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Twitter Dangles Apple in Olive Branch to Developers

Twitter executive chairman Jack Dorsey attempts to make nice with third-party developers just ahead of the release of iOS 5.

Twitter’s executive chairman Jack Dorsey wrote “With Apple’s upcoming deep integration of Twitter into iOS 5, there is an opportunity for us, together, to take the ecosystem to a new level”. Twitter’s executive   chairman wrote in a note to developers Thursday.

the digital equivalent of extending an olive branch, reassures developers that they are a big part of the company’s genetic makeup — in spite of Twitter’s highly publicized attempts to fill its own holes. They too can benefit from Apple’s blessing, Dorsey asserts.

To prove his sincerity, Dorsey started a “Listening to your feedback” thread on Twitter’s developer forum. The personal touch appears to be working. The general tenor of the thread is upbeat.


developer Steve Streza posits on the thread “Twitter’s communications to developers has been improving in the last couple months, As someone who shut down a Twitter client in development due to poor communication and fast moves by Twitter to take over the client experience, I welcome this move towards more advance knowledge of plans”

Isaiah writes  “Investing in the Twitter platform is difficult now that Twitter directly competes against their developers by building its own clients and services, Your previous actions have created a nervous environment full of risk.”


But, as Dorsey says, “Very soon, anywhere there’s an iPhone or an iPad, you’ll always find Twitter.”



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New Domino’s iPad Application For Pizza Lovers

You can order Domino’s pizza directly from your iPad.Domino’s has launched an iPad application in the UK application store.The application is compatible with any iPad running iOS 4.1 or later.iPad users simply need to enter their postalcode and the new application will automatically locate the nearest Domino’s store.

Features Of New Domino’s iPad Application:- 1. View the latest meal deals exclusive to your area. 2. Order pizzas and side orders,desserts and drinks. 3. Locate the nearest Domino’s outlet by inputting your postalcode. 4. You can also track the pizza’s journey to your front door. The ‘Create Your Own’ option enables customers to built their own pizza and see what it will look like before they order.Pizzas can be customised by choosing the base and pizza size, selecting the pizza sauce and then scattering on toppings by tapping the screen. Payment options include PayPal, credit cards and cash-on-delivery.You can choose one of the available meal deals, go for a half-and-half or build your very own custom pizza. Domino’s new iPad app is now available to download free from the App Store
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Apple Is Going To Launch It’s 5th-Generation iPhone In October

The new forthcoming iPhone 5 will be a blessing for technology having all in one features in one device such as multiple networks(supports CDMA as well as GSM),Assistive touch,icloud,voice control system.The Assistive touch is basically an overlay menu which is displayed in front of the user with commands that usually require certain physical actions, such as rotating the screen or shaking the device.

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“Skitch” Screen-Grabbing Mac App Now Free Courtesy of Evernote, Also Available as Android App


Mac/Android: Skitch, one of the most popular screen capture tools was just bought today by the company that owns popular note-taking tool Evernote. What does that mean for us? The full version is now free (a $19.95 savings) and there’s a new Android app.

It looks like the Skitch Android app is more of a photo-taking and annotation app rather than a screen grabbing one, unfortunately (Android really could use easy screen grabbing).


But the completely freeness of Skitch on the Mac is very nice—no more ads, trial versions or restrictions. Plus, if you’re an Evernote user, now you have a more streamlined experience working with screen captures: drag them from Skitch into Evernote or drag photos from Evernote to Skitch where you can annotate them. Evernote promises much more is to come too
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