Google+ Hangouts Go Mobile & Get More Collaborative

Google+ is making its public debut Tuesday with a bevy of life-inspired updates to Hangouts, the social network’s group-video-chat-with-a-twist feature. We’ve always been keen on Google+ Hangouts, but a recent update provided some extras that make the experience even better. Now you can share your screen, collaborate in Google Docs, and even draw together in SketchUp. Additionally, theHangouts API provides developers with the ability to integrate Hangouts into their own web apps.

Google+ users can now join Hangouts from their Android devices. (Google says iOS support is coming soon.) Select users can turn video chats into public broadcasts. Plus, users can also share their screens, use a sketchpad to doodle with participants, collaborate on or present a Google Doc, and join or create Named Hangouts.

To see a demonstration of the new features, check out the video above or just read on for more information.

1. Screen Sharing :

2. Google Docs Integration :

3. SketchUp Integration :

Users can access this latter batch of updates by clicking the “Try Hangouts with extras” button in the Hangouts green room. “The extras are still under construction,” Gundotra explains, “but we wanted to preview these features and get your feedback sooner versus later.”

Google has also released the Developer Preview of the Google+ Hangout API. This adds to the basic set of APIs released last week. “It enables you to add your own experiences to Hangouts and instantly build real-time applications, just like our first application, the built-in YouTube player,” says Richard Dunn, Google+ platform for Hangouts technical lead.

Of course, the timing of Google+’s public launch, the Hangouts enhancements and API, the mobile updates and the rollout of Google+ search is not lost on us. Facebook is set to release a slew of significant updates at its f8 developer conference this Thursday.



1 Million Android And iOS Apps Have Ready To published

Now more than 1 million apps published to the Apple App Store and Android Market combined,Announced by AppsFire today.

The company reports that more than 60 apps have been downloaded for every iOS device sold. That’s up from 10 apps downloaded for every iPhone/iPod touch in 2008, says Asmyco. So how did the firm get to that number? As the Apple App Store approaches 10 billion total downloads, App downloads are increasing at a faster rate that iTunes music downloads (of course, not all iTunes users are getting their music from iTunes).

The company is quick to point out that not all of those apps are active (downloadable), with the total number of active applications sitting at around 80%. Of the combined number of apps published to either the App Store or Android Market, iOS accounts for 52% (roughly 520,000 apps) of the million titles published.

Android Market tracker AppBrain puts the total number of Android applications at 282,830 – not quite mirroring the 52%/48% split noted by AppsFire, but with Google actively pruning its app database every quarter, the number of deleted or banned apps could increment the app count substantially.

The company looks forward to tracking 1 million live apps combined on iOS and Android, then 1 million apps by operating system.

AppsFire tracks each app entering either the App Store or Android Market, using algorithms and friend recommendations to suggest apps that smartphone owners might be interested in.

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“OpenFeint” Has Launched GameFeed On iOS And Android

OpenFeint is a plug and play mobile social gaming network with 115 million players, is extending its popular feature GameFeed to its iOS SDK.OpenFeint’s plug and play mobile social platform and application for smartphones includes a set of online game services such as leaderboards, virtual currencies and achievements running in a cloud-based Web environment.

GameFeed is a social gaming newsfeed integrated into the platform that aims to improve player engagement by elevating social activity from the OpenFeint network in games. The feed will stream informations like updated player profiles, player achievements and more.By adding the GameFeed plugin to their existing OpenFeint integrations, OpenFeint claims that 24 beta participants increased sessions-per-user by an average of 25 percent. Some developers are experiencing growth as high as 60 percent.


Interestingly, OpenFeint actually extented the GameFeed to Android first, and now the feed is cross platform with iOS support.
More information on GameFeed — as well as download information for the SDK

— Click on this page.

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Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 7 To Developers Along With New Xcode

Apple has released the seventh beta version of iOS 5 to developers as an Over-the-Air update. The latest beta build of iOS 5 can be downloaded in the iOS Dev Center.

Apple released iOS 5 Beta 6 with minor bug fixes and improvements nearly two weeks ago. A seventh iOS beta is unheard of, and iOS 5 will be Apple’s most revolutionary mobile software release to date when it is launched to the public this Fall.The delta release, which only downloads changed code, is a lighter one, weighing in at around 70MB, compared to 144MB for beta 6.


iOS 5 Beta 6 expires on September 29th, and it’s expected that Apple will hold its next event in either late September or early October.


The following issues relate to using the 5.0 SDK to develop code.

Accounts :

  • When creating an iCloud account, you can use any Apple ID as long as it is a full email address and not a MobileMe account. If you have a MobileMe account, you can move that account to iCloud.

AirPlay :

  • Starting in iOS 5, video content in applications and websites are AirPlay-enabled by default.
  • iOS 5 supports AirPlay of video via AV Foundation.

API Validation :

  • NEW: Starting in iOS 5.0 development tools beta 7, it is possible to extract APIs used by an application and have them checked for private APIs usage. This option will be offered at Validation time.

Apple TV :

  • Apple TV Software beta enables users to mirror the contents of an iPad 2 to an Apple TV (2nd generation) using AirPlay. This beta software also enables Photo Stream on Apple TV so users can access photos stored in iCloud. Slideshow settings are not remembered for slideshow playback (always plays back in Reflections theme). Screen savers settings are behaving properly.

Binary Compatibility :

  • On applications linked against the iOS 5.0 SDK, scroll view content offsets will no longer be rounded to integral pixels during a pinch gesture.

Calendar :

  • Birthday calendars are not currently available via the website or in Windows. They will be available in a future release.

iBooks :

  • iBooks 1.2.2 may fail to display some text or images in books. Please update to iBooks 1.3 in the App Store.

iCloud Backup  :

  • If you enable iCloud Backup, automatic backup with iTunes when syncing will be disabled. We also suggest that you manually back up your device with iTunes. Backups made with earlier versions of iOS 5 beta will soon become incompatible, and will no longer be available.



Apple recommends backing up devices using iTunes 10.5 beta 7 or via iCloud backup before performing the software update.

The new update focuses on support for iCloud, including tighter requirements for apps using iCloud Documents & Datato identify their cloud-stored documents securely.

Devices that enable iCloud Backup will now automatically disable backup through iTunes, accelerating the iTunes sync process.

Apple continues to refine iOS 5, iTunes, Apple TV, and Mac OS X Lion and Snow Leopard releases to launch its full iCloud service smoothly, apparently taking care not to repeat the rushed, problematic and very embarrassing launch fiascos of MobileMe back in 2008.

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iTunes Match:The new iCloud Based Music Sharing Service

iTunes Match is a Apple’s new iCloud-based music sharing service.With the help of iTunes Match you can store your complete music library in iCloud, allowing you to enjoy your collection anywhere, anytime, on any iPhone, iPad or computer.Cloud music is supposed to save valuable storage space on users mobile devices as well as give them ubiquitous access to their music libraries.



Instead of uploading your entire iTunes library, Apple’s iTunes Match service will automatically build your local iTunes library in iCloud by matching it against Apple’s 18 million song library of 256kbps master tracks.

After iTunes Match has been activated, an iCloud column appears to the right of the song name in the browser pane of iTunes. The music player will automatically default to streaming songs, but by clicking a download icon, users can store the music locally on their computer.

iTunes in the Cloud is better in comparison to Amazon Web Player and Google Music Beta.With iTunes Match your music library won’t need to take up valuable space on the device.The iTunes Match costs $25 a year ,you can scan and match up to 25,000 songs.iTunes Match is expected to be available to the public later this year

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Print to PDF: A new application for the iOS

‘Print to PDF’ application is a good feature for the iOS.This application is basically a substitute of AirPrint, that was a nice feature but didn’t support many printers and  PDF printing.’Print to PDF’ allows you to quickly save entire emails, web pages and documents to PDF ,so you can access them at any time, even when you are not online.

The application also provides a viewer for PDFs, and also giving you an option for viewing in plain text so you can copy and paste the text from the PDF on your iOS device.This application uses the “Built-in print” functionalty.
The most important feature of this application are:-
Print a document to PDF from any app that supports printing.
you can save any web-page that you may want to access in the future.
you can save your important e-mails that you may need to quickly access later.  

To print to pdf you need to run this application on your device (iPhone,iTouch,iPad) and then go to any application that supports printing,Tap the Print command, choose Print to PDF as your printer and then tap Print again. The process may take a few seconds, depending on the length of the item. When it’s done, you’ll have the option of instantly switching to the app to view your new PDF.The PDF printer stays ON for a few minutes and if you want to print other documents into pdf format than you need to launch the application again.

This app is NOT compatible with iPhone 3G and iTouch 1st and 2nd generation.

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iPhone Alarm Clock Donates Your Snooze to Charity,Now take more time to stumbling out of bed!!!!

Need just another 10 minutes before stumbling out of bed? A new iOS app is turning those precious minutes into a chance to donate to charity.










Snooze is an alarm clock app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that pledges $0.25 of your own money to charity every time you hit the snooze button. Users set a desired charity and the app will calculate how many times you hit snooze. There will be two opportunities every month to donate.
The app was built by LetGive, a company that combines mobile technology with charitable giving.
While the app is unlikely to raise huge sums of money, it’s a harmless way of doing good and (hopefully) hauling your body to work on time. At the very least, you can tell your boss you were late to work because you were too busy sleeping your way to a better tomorrow.
What do you think of Snooze? Brilliant or bothersome? Let us know in the comments….

so give your opinion  for this…


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Magic Word “cheese!” For Taking Snaps automatically #(iOS camera app)………











ShutterVox is a unique take on the smartphone camera in that it has no shutter button at all. Instead, it listens for specific trigger words before it’ll take the photo.

All you have to do is tell your subjects to say “cheese!” loudly and ShutterVox will know what to do.

And loudly is key. Because ShutterVox doesn’t have sensitivity adjustments, you have to be pretty loudly. I was next to the phone and had to yell “cheese!” for it to register. (Fortunately my neighbors already have reason to believe I’m crazy, so I’m guessing this didn’t change much.) This leads me to believe that ShutterVox will work better when you have a large group yelling the word and not just an individual. Even with that disadvantage, it was really good at distinguishing between cheese and other words. Yelling cake, for example, had no effect. If you don’t like cheese, ShutterVox also supports the recognition of popsicle, doodle, and snap. While the concept is a little bit gimmicky, as pushing a button is probably easier, this can be a really good method of getting a very still shot when needed. ShutterVox probably won’t be your primary camera, but it could be good in a pinch.
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Skype launched a new iOS application(Wi-Fi Finder )……








Skype just launched a new iOS application that lets users locate Wi-Fi hotspots where they can pay for access using Skype Credit. It currently supports over 1 million hotspots worldwide, including those found in hotels, airports, train stations, convention centers, bars and restaurants.  The advantage of using this app over buying a voucher directly with the hotspot service provider is that you would only pay for the actual minutes you use, explains Skype.
The new app works on all iOS devices, which means iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Previously, this same service was available for laptops running the Skype software.
To use the app, simply sign in with your same Skype username and password then tap “go online” to get connected.

The Skype Wi-Fi rates start at U.S. $0.06/4p/€0,05 (inclusive of VAT) per minute and there are no limits on the amount of data you can upload or download. And to promote the app’s launch, Skype is offering free Wi-Fi from Saturday August 20th (00:00) to Sunday August 21st (23:59) BST for a max of 60 minutes.
Paying per-minute rates instead of buying a block of time can help travelers save money since sometimes you only need a quick minute of Internet access for a fast email check, status update or tweet, for example. With the new app, that’s easy to do.
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