Apple Is Going To Introduce HD display Into Its Next Generation iPads

Apple is going to introduce high definition display into its next generation iPads. According to the news from Asia-centric publication,Apple has got this idea to introduce two alternative backlight solutions for its upcoming next-generation iPad from the two Taiwan LED backlight vendors.Currently only a single LED light bar is used in the iPad2 but the modifications to maintain and tone up the brightness of the panels will be seen in the upcoming new tablet.

Apple has many options for doing this type of modifications:

1. Keep the light bar as a single bar.
2. Add two LED chips
3. Utilise Dual-LED light bars.

In the month of July Apple had begun a quality testing program with world’s two largest manufacturers of LCD panels, Samsung and LG.This program is basically organised to secure deal for including advanced display technology in its upcoming tablet device.Samsung and LG both were asked to produce screens with improved and better picture quality so that Apple would be able to test the screens at one of its laboratories in China.

According to the sources new display screens will be able to deliver 264 pixels per inch (PPI) which is at least twice the 132 PPI on the current iPad 2, this moving the company closer to the 326 PPI of the iPhone 4/4S.

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Apple Is Going To Launch New iPad-Touch Based EasyPay System

With the new EasyPay System of Apple, customers are able to purchase items without going to retail stores. EasyPay is basically a iPad touch-based payment and checkout system.This is designed for the point of sale usage.It includes magnetic strip reader with a barcode scanner and the Apple’s own software.

EasyPay system allows payment by debit,credit or cash and also includes the feature that allows returns.It does not allow the transaction of the payment between two or more debit and credit cards,or pay by checks.These type of complex transaction will be handeled by more advanced computer-based point of sale system.

This EasyPay system is possible after the introduction of the hardware device support via the dock connector.The extended case that shows the basic iPod touch includes sleep and volume control buttons,a usb connector for the purpose of charging and also a rechargeable battery or the card reader and the barcode scanner.It includes a change in the hardware used for processing transactions.Currently Apple has no plans to extend the payment system.This awesome EasyPay system will launch in 3rd november.

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The Zite App Has Released Multiple Profile Option For Sharing iPads

Zite, the popular personalized news magazine for iPad, has just received a significant update. This new update includes the addition of multiple profiles. Code-named Sybil, the new feature makes it simple for anyone in a family to share Zite with each getting his or her own custom-made news experience.

Zite’s main feature is “learning” what the user wants to read about, and will customize articles and other content presented based on these learned preferences.Zite’s latest update also supports the following:

1. Source blocking – Users can now block content from unwanted sources

2. Native Twitter integration – With iOS 5?s native twitter integration, Zite will no longer ask for Twitter credentials a new

3. Performance enhancements – Zite is now faster, and speed improvements are more noticeable with the first-generation iPad.

Zite found in a survey of  more than 330 iPad users that one-third share their iPads with a group of people. We’ve seen similar evidence that iPads are shared devices, with one study finding that even users living alone share their Apple tablets with other family members. Zite found that of those who share their devices, two-thirds share with one other individual, while a quarter share it with two others.

Other recent improvements made by the Zite team include the ability to block specific sources entirely to no longer see their articles, as well as Twitter integration for iOS 5 devices, which allows you to automatically link Zite to your Twitter account. With the addition of Sybil, Zite is definitely making a strong play for the personalized news app crown.

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Facebook Has Launched Its official iPad app

Facebook has finally launched its official iPad app.With the iPad app, you get the full Facebook experience, right at your fingertips. It’s a fun way to keep up with friends, share photos, chat and more.Use your fingertips to scroll through your News Feed. Give the screen a swipe to page through albums. Pinch a picture to zoom in.

The app is designed primarily as a consumption experience, which is why the app emphasizes photos.Photos really shine on the iPad. They are bigger and easy to flip through, like a real photo album. It’s like having a slideshow with all your friends and memories, wherever you go.Facebook for iPad supports HD video and Airplay, so users can watch Facebook videos through their Apple TVs or their other Apple devices

The app comes with a bunch of other new features: You can chat with friends right from your iPad, for example, or play games and use apps in full-screen mode.The app also makes great use of the overlay menus found in other iPad apps. When you flip the iPad horizontally, the list of your online friends appears and you can chat with them as you do other things on Facebook.

Your games, apps, groups and lists are in the left-hand menu, so you don’t have to dig around to find the stuff you use most. And your messages and notifications are at the top of every screen, so you can respond to friends and keep up with important updates-without losing your place.Facebook for iPad is now available in the App Store.

Adobe Flash Now Available On Apple iPhones and iPads

Adobe has announced that media publishers can now stream Flash-based video to iPhones and iPads. With the release of Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4.5 it should be possible to use Flash to deliver video streams across several platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and OS X.

Flash Media Server will allow publishers to take their Flash content and create comparable HTTP content that can be viewed on iOS without any adjustment to the devices or the Safari browser. Flash Media Server usually packages video streams using MPEG4 fragments, in the F4F file format. However, the new version adds support for a different protocol, HLS, which Apple created for QuickTime and iOS.

Features of Flash Media Server 4.5:

1. Delivery to iPad and iPhone enables businesses to use the same media and live streams to deliver full adaptive bit-rate experiences to platforms supporting Flash, as well as Apple devices, including iPad and iPhone.

2. Integrated Content Protection simplifies deployment and reduces infrastructure cost, enabling seamless streaming for advertising-funded online video.

3. On-demand Stream Packaging eliminates the need to prepare and protect assets ahead of time, reducing complexity and storage costs and simplifying publishing for businesses so they can use one set of source video to reach multiple downstream devices.

However, the advent of Flash Media Server 4.5 only enables Flash video streaming to iPhones and iPads. Flash-based games, animations and advertisements will still not work on such devices.

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NBC iPad App Now Broadcasts Full Episodes

NBC upgraded its iPad app Thursday so users can watch entire shows on their tablets. The app, which was released on Thursday, has a wide range of information about its shows, schedules, exclusive images, games, and some full-length video. The network held off on featuring full episodes when the app was first released in June.

Starting Thursday evening, fans can watch all the content available on on their NBC iPad app. That includes “pretty much everything” on the network, though the standard is to offer the five most recently aired shows, says Vivi Zigler, president of NBC Universal Digital Entertainment.


It’s clear the type of promotional value NBC is hoping to get from making short video content available through the app, but it’s more difficult to understand why NBC has decided not to support full-length episodes as well. After all, the network makes full episodes available in an ad-supported fashion on its website, as well as on

Though other networks, notably ABC and CBS, have offered full shows on their iPad apps for more than a year, Zigler says NBC “wanted to understand the business model mechanism” of the iPad before it moved forward.

Before Thursday’s upgrade, the app featured short clips from the network, but not full episodes. The new app also offers customization features that let you follow a show and have it automatically update in the app, rather than having to search for a new episode.

Providing access to content online and on demand has proven not to be cannibalistic, but complementary to live broadcasts, and can help the overall aggregate audience for a show. The NBC app was released more than a year after the introduction of ABC’s iPad app, which does allow viewers to watch full episodes of its shows on the tablet for free. Shows likeModern Family have seen a boost in overall viewership due to availability on ABC’s network site, as well as on Hulu and ABC’s iPad app.


The network also upgraded its NBC Live co-viewing app Thursday, to offer fans the ability to check in on Facebook and Twitter.


New Music Web App For iPhone And iPad Launched By Google

Google’s Music Beta service, which allows users to upload up to 20,000 tracks to the cloud and then access them from any computer, has launched on iOS devices.Google released an HTML5-powered webapp for Google Music specifically for iOS4 users, so they can play music from their Google Music account on their iPhones or iPads.

It allows you to play your music and allows you to browse your music in a number of ways including by the Artist, Album, Song, and more. It’s very easy to navigate and the design is fabulous.Tracks will play in the background while browsing other parts of the library, and you can control playback with the standard iOS play, pause, and skip controls.The option to cache the music for offline use is not available in the webapp, and you cannot create either standard playlists or instant mixes.

Google Music was initially available for Windows, Android and Mac. But today, that Google Music is available for iOS devices.The web app allows you to only listen to music but doesn’t support allow you to upload or manage your music collection.The Google Music webapp for iOS is certainly no replacement for a native app, but it is nice to have an option to play your uploaded tracks from your iPad or iPhone.

Users with an invite the beta service can browse to in Safari browser on their iPhone or iPad to access the new Music Beta webapp.

Groovebug:The New Application for iPad

A new Chicago based start-up has created an application for the iPad,Groovebug,which uses your music collection to create an iPad magazine tailored to your musical tastes.It helps you connect with and follow your favorite artists while discovering new ones along the way.

The application scans your library, compiles rich content from the cloud, and builds a fluid interactive magazine .Groovbug is powered by Echonest, Youtube, and a powerful custom aggregation engine.The free Groovebug iPad application offers different ways to play music.

Groovebug offers a simple flip-through interface that displays content related to an artist, eliminating the need to search several sites for information.The home screen features a list of artists from the user’s collection and featured content hand curated by artists, DJs, labels, and festivals.

You can listen to the music already stored on your iPad – except with the benefit of a slideshow with photos of that artist and biographies from Last.both of which are missing from the regular iPod app. So even if you just use it as a player for your own stuff, Groovebug is worth a try.


Android on the HP TouchPad Is Just Around the Corner

A juicy piece of high-technology was winging its way to your door.

In all honesty, though, you’re probably not even sure why you bought the HP TouchPad — it was simply a matter of behavioral economics. The TouchPad was $500, and now it’s $99 — how can that not be a good deal? Heck, this was the tablet that was heralded as the best non-Apple tablet — $99 must be a good deal.

But now the excitement and euphoria is starting to wear off. Now it’s starting to dawn on you that you might soon have Yet Another Gadget that sits in the corner of your room gathering dust. $99 sure is cheap, but dammit you can’t eat a TouchPad, or use it to pay your rent, or wash your clothes…

Don’t despair, however: there’s tons of things that you can do with the TouchPad.

  1. 1. Use your TouchPad as a second (or third, or fourth…) monitor :

you could prop your TouchPad up on some books (or a proper HP carry case-cum-stand) and place it alongside your current battery of monitors and laptops. You could use your TouchPad as a web browser, an IM interface, a Twitter client — and so on.

2. Use your TouchPad as a digital photo frame or e-book reader :

The hardware specification might be a little bit overkill, but the 9.7-inch IPS screen on the TouchPad is absolutely perfect for displaying your favorite snaps — or even video clips. There’s no mount on the back of a TouchPad, though, so you’d be forced to glue some kind of wall mount bracket on the back with epoxy .Also, get this: the 1024 x 768 display itself costs $69 when purchased in bulk from LG — so you’re paying something in the region of $30 for the snappy Snapdragon SoC, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage… not bad.

3. Android on the HP TouchPad Gets Wi-Fi Support and More:

The Cyanogen Team has enabled Wi-Fi, the accelerometer, the Android Market, and improved the audio support on the discontinued HP hardware, and the Android port could be released next month.

4. Forsake webOS and install Android on your TouchPad :

While you can’t do this just yet — unless you’re a professional Android hacker — it might soon be possible to install a custom Android ROM on your HP TouchPad. It won’t be Honeycomb because Google still hasn’t released the source code — instead, it will probably be a tabletified version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread; but that’s OK as webOS and Honeycomb have around the same number of tablet apps, anyway.

The other alternative is to wait for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is expected to unify the smartphone and tablet branches of Android — and hopefully Google will release it to the public in a timely fashion so that a custom build for the TouchPad can be made.

For more information, make sure you follow xda-developers (thread 1 & 2) and RootzWiki or check out’s coverage.

The other possibility is that Windows 8 might also run on the HP TouchPad — but that’s a long shot, and would probably require HP to open-source a bunch of drivers.

5. Twitter Updates from Facebook Coming Soon:

You will soon be able to update your Twitter feed from your Facebook account without a 3rd party plugin or app.

6.  Compare Different File Versions with Dropbox and Chrome:

DropboxDiff is a Chrome extension that lets you use the diff program of your choice to compare files stored in your Dropbox.

7.  Use your TouchPad as it was meant to be used: as a tablet computer :

Finally, despite what you may have heard or been led to believe by other tech blogs, don’t forget that the tablet market is so far from becoming saturated that you could measure it in some kind of astronomical unit. As of July 2011, Apple has sold only 30 million iPads — a lot for a new product, but once you factor in the fanatic Apple zealot upgrade cycle there are probably only around 20 million iPad users in the world.

To get you started with your new TouchPad, there are plenty of webOS apps for Palm smartphones that also work on the TouchPad, and even a few hundred specifically for the TouchPad. You could follow PreCentral, too, which is a great source for webOS-related news.