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Google Now launches for iOS

Google Now is now available on iOS as a free update for the popular Google Search app. The iOS app recognizes voice and actually looks hotter than its Android peer (the cards have a nice Cover Flow-like view), but can’t quite match the functionality of the Google OS version.

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Twitter Releases Video-Sharing App Vine

Twitter released a new application video sharing for quick video sharing, Twitter on Thursday officially launched this  mobile service called “Vine”, Vine lets users easily capture and share short looping videos with a few swipes of your finger on a smartphone. “Vine” was a purchase rather than something homegrown, and sits mostly on its own. Twitter acquired Vine lat last year.

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iPhone 5 Full Specifications & Features

2 days back I’ve wrote a post on exact iPhone 5 release date, and today that day comes. While writing the post, Apple is launching the next generation iPhone and named it as iPhone 5.

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iPhone 5 set To Launch on 12 Sept

Apple starts sending invitations to journalists and techblogs for Sept 12th event. The image they attached in the invitation shows a number 12 in front and a shadow of number 5.

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Jailbreak iPhone 4S in 5 Minutes

Apple has some software limitations on iOS powered devices. You can’t install third party software that are not authorized by Apple. The name ‘Jailbreak’ refers to breaking the devices out of its jail. iOS Jailbreaking give user root


Orchestra An Awesome Social To-Do App For iPhone

Orchestra is a social To-Do app that connects you to each and every persons within your working area.It Specify task to the others and get updates from them in realtime.With the help of this app you can co-ordinate your daily routine.Either you are in home or outside you can divide your job and think of what the each perticular is doing.

This app is an online productivity tool that allows users to handle all their to-do list online and share them to their family members,colleagues and their friends.You can use Orchestra at your work to keep arrange all the team members in the same page,even you can organise a trip or make programme of a wedding with the help of this useful app.

For using all the services of this useful application it requires for the users to sign-up for a free account.After registration users are able to create and handle their important task with a unique user friendly dashboard.

Orchestra has very great feature of synchronization with web.It is very fast and simple application to use even for non-technical users.It is a user friendly service and totally free of cost.

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Samsung Profit Dips Quarterly But Sees 300% Yearly Rise In Smartphone Sales

Samsung today announced its third-quarter earnings, providing a look at how well the company is competing in the electronics, semiconductor and telecommunications sectors, confirming that smartphone sales helped it to beat industry estimates to secure record high earnings.Korean smartphone giant Samsung posted net profits of 3.44 trillion won ($3.09 billion) between July and September, down 23% from a year ago.

The results now suggest that Samsung has surpassed Apple to become the world’s leading smartphone maker, with sales in its telecommunication division seeing  300% rise from a year ago and a 40% increase from the second quarter.

Analyst forecasts, that averaged at a value of 3.24 trillion won, as sales rose 3% over the year to reach 41.27 trillion won and operating profit fell 13% to 4.25 trillion won.

Samsung continued to develop its range of Android and Windows Phone devices, ensuring it marketed its range to consumers in the low, middle and high smartphone markets, capitalising on a lull in Apple’s iPhone sales as consumers waited to upgrade to the iPhone 4S.


iPhone 4 Footage In The New Avengers Movie.

Reports suggesting that Seamus McGarvey, cinematographer of the new Avengers movie, had used an iPhone 4 to shoot parts of the new film have been debunked, with both the photography chief and Disney representatives moving quick to state that there is no iOS-captured footage in the film.

On The Avengers, I did a couple of shots on the iPhone and they are in the movie. In fact, they are in the ad! I know that sometimes there is no scale and you have to go for the cheapest option, but if you are limited for scale, you can still make poignant decisions that will effect the look of the film.

But, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter (via Comic Book Movie), the cinematographer attempts to clarify his statement, signifying that the iPhone and the Canaon 5d Mk2 were devices life used on the sets of many Hollywood productions:

“I was talking about how up and coming film makers have access to a whole range of new technologies which expand our options as filmmakers. I mentioned that the iPhone and the Canon 5d Mk2 were devices currently used on many Hollywood productions. I used the Canon on some shots on Marvel’s The Avengers movie,” he stated to THR.


With the director also adding that iPhone footage may have found its way into the ad, both the cinematographer and Disney look to be doing a modest bit of firefighting.


New Cards App For iPhone 4S By Apple

Apple is going to launch the new Cards application for  iPhone 4S.Using the application, you will be able to take pictures, choose a design that you want, and then enter an address for it to be sent to.Each card is just $2.99 when sent within the U.S. and $4.99 when sent to or from anywhere else .You can take photos from within the application too, for use with your cards.

The Cards app will let you send one letterpress printed, custom-made card, printed on premium cotton paper.The 4-by-6-inch cards can be made using one of 21 built-in templates from Apple, and then customized with your own photos from your device’s image library, and text you enter yourself. You then select a recipient from your Address Book and Apple does the printing, packaging and mailing for you.
Some available themes include a Thank You card, cards for specific holidays or major life events like a new baby, or postcard-style greetings for travel. One card design can be sent to multiple recipients, if you’re doing invitations or a family Christmas card, and your designs are all saved in Card History within the app to make it easier to resend.

This is the first time that Apple has let you create your own digital goods and then purchase them afterwards, with the intention of sending them as a gift. You have been able to engrave iPods for a while now, which was always a nice personal touch. This takes personalization to a new level for Apple, though.

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Samsung Provides A Glimpse Of Google’s Nexus Prime Handset In New Teaser

Samsung mobile phones provide an unbelievable mobile experience and use cutting edge technology, often leading the way within mobile phone development. Just hours after Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4S, Samsung has put live a new video on its YouTube account, providing the first official look at the next Android smartphone collaboration between the Korean manufacturer and Google; the Nexus Prime.

Recently they have released a 12.1 MP camera phone setting the standard high for the other mobile phone manufacturers to follow. There are hundreds of offers and deals available of Samsung mobile phones and they are all available here at Your MobileFoneReviews. We have search the internet to bring you all the Samsung mobile phone deals together in one place.

The Nexus Prime is expected to feature a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED HD screen with a pixel density of 320ppi, a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, and will debut with no hardware buttons. It is also thought to be the first handset to run Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich Android software.

Take a look at the video below for a look at the spectacularly curved screen, which tells us “Something Big Is Coming”. Initial YouTube commenters split on whether it is a nice feature.

Samsung will of course unveil the new device on October 11 and we will bring you news of the launch as soon as it drops.

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