China Has Now Just One Rank Behind The U.S In Mobile App Usage

Chinese mobile application market has now become the world’s second largest mobile application market after showing a huge increment in app store usage this year.China is now just one rank behind the U.S in using mobile applications.


According to the survey of mobile application firms,China is currently top of the world’s mobile application market by showing record 870% of increment in mobile application during 2011 to till now.The new statics shows that the china has most cellphone users in comparison to other countries.This indicates that the chinese market of cellphones and the mobile applications are growing very fast.

Flurry,a mobile application analytics measures all the usage with the help of its own analytics software and also track overall session per month of the mobile applications in china. In the month of January China secured tenth position after showing 1.8% of all app sessions,but in October china was in second position with 7.3% of all sessions.

The people of China have adopted the more premium iOS and android handsets, that is the reason of using mobile app very quickly and the application market is growing very fast.A new mobile app market has emerged by China and China is now the new mobile application Dragon.

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Tweephone:Now You Can Post Your Tweet To Twitter From A Rotary Phone

Tweephone is a new science project, with the help of this project you will be able to dial your tweet to twitter from a rotary phone.This interesting project is the joint venture of two digital firms.UP Digital creates this idea and the Unteleported Tech bring this into life.With this service anyone can post to twitter from their old phone.Tweephone is a first analogue twitter client.

The text dialing concept is as similar as you can find in your outdated mobile phones.If you want to type “a” then you have to dial “2” once,and if you want to dial “f” you have to dial “3” for three times.To send the Tweet after dialing you just have to hang up the phone.Then all the tweets which have dialled on the Tweephone will be posted on the twitter account.Posting your tweets by this manner is really awesome and takes very short time.

If you think that the 140 character limit is not enough for you to express your thoughts then you should be use this tweephone.The main reason behind the tweeted data to be same is that rotary phones uses the same technology as cell phones.Tweephone also provides the display of your tweets you write them in.

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How To Password Protect Android Applications With App Protector Lite

App Protector Lite can add password protection to any application on Android. You can choose to only lock sensitive apps, such as Photos and Messages, while leave other apps unlocked.You can use numbers, words, or pattern to lock your apps. Pattern can be set as visible or invisible. Password Recovery is also built in to the app.

Steps to install App Protector Lite:-

1. Download and install the App Protector Lite from Android market.

2: Once you install the application Run “App Protector Lite” in your android mobile and set the default password as “8888”.

3: Now after that Tap on “Modify Protection List” button.

4 176x300 How to Password Protect Android Applications with App Protector Lite

4: A list of all Apps will appear which has been installed on your Phone. You can tick mark the following apps which you want to create an additional lock apps security, then Tap on “Done” button.

5 174x300 How to Password Protect Android Applications with App Protector Lite

5: Fully start functioning your Password Protection for your Android Apps.Once you make up your mind in providing security to your selected apps, tap on the “Change password setting” button and set a new Password(should be other than the default password) to start your Apps to correctly work for the Protection of various other Android Apps.

6 174x300 How to Password Protect Android Applications with App Protector Lite


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“How Should Data Plans Evolve?” Answered!!

The good news is that you can control your data usage.Data caps and different pricing tiers increasingly define cellphone plans. They reflect the industry’s attempts to manage the fast-growing way people use their mobile gadgets to jet around the Internet.

Sprint Nextel Corp. stands alone among the major carriers with its unlimited and unfettered data plans. It says it has no plans to change. For now.

The bad news is you need to pay attention. Some analysts still think the day may not be far off when Sprint will have to separate the data hogs from the data tasters with tiers of service.

A hint may lie in the Overland Park, Kan.-based company’s recent announcement that in October it will slow down the speeds of its data-hungriest customers on its Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go brand. That followed a move by Verizon Wireless earlier in the month to impose caps.

Sprint’s unlimited plans do pose a seductive appeal. Today’s customers, after all, are the same folks who were floored a few years ago when their teenager’s texts or their spouse’s phone calls busted over their plan limits and left them with a triple-digit bill.Now families routinely pay upward of $100 a month to outfit the clan in iPhones, BlackBerrys and Androids.

By the minute or by the kilobit, prices have only gotten cheaper. But this month’s phone does more than last month’s handset, which makes last year’s model practically antique. And these things feed on wireless data.

Ask people which carrier to sign up with, she says, and they’ll first tell you to check who has the best coverage in the places you go. After that, though, Jaegers said, people start talking cost. And a big part of the cost equation goes to data caps.


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LauncherPro:The Best Application Launcher For Android

LauncherPro brings one very impressive feature to your Android device: Customizability. Not only this LauncherPro allow you to choose how many homescreens you have,but also it gives you 100% control over the application dock — the quick-launch bar at the bottom of the screen.

You can even set up a custom action for when you swipe up on the icon vs. simply tapping it. In addition to the homescreen customization, you can choose several options for the application drawer. You can enable a “3D” mode which makes it look as though icons are being rotated around a cube, as well as choose the number of columns to be displayed in both portrait and landscape modes.

Features Of LauncherPro:-

1. Customizable icons via icon packs,

2. Downloadable from the Market

3. Up to 7 home screens

4. Super-smooth scrolling

5. Animated screen previews

6. 2D and 3D app drawer with super-smooth scrolling

7. Ability to adjust the number of columns and rows for both the home screen and app drawers, so you can fit more icons

8. Unread SMS, Gmail, and missed call badges in the dock icons

9. Swipable shortcuts for the dock icons, so you get double the shortcuts per icon

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Simple, Affordable Nokia 100 and 101 Unveiled!!!!!!

Nokia launched a couple of cheap dual SIM phones in Nairobi , Kenya. Looks like finally realising the importance of Dual SIM phones eating it’s market share in the lower end.

With the intent of offering an economical, simple and fun-featured handset to its next billion users, the Finland-based Nokia Corporation has unveiled its two eligible candidates, dubbed Nokia 100 and 101. Both handsets work on Series 30 operating system and

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How to Send Pre-set Automatic SMS & Replies To SMS And Missed Calls [Android App]

It gives a big relief to whom, who are busy or are in some other work and there cell phones are ringing.  Now they can respond to the SMS or Missed calls without touching their  phone by using an app called Auto SMS. This Android Applications sends automated texts to people who want to contact you while you’re busy or are in some other work. Auto SMS is also useful in a ton of other situations. If you’re in a meeting, and want to keep clients informed of your whereabouts, this app has you covered.



1.)Auto Reply :

You can create as many different profiles as you like. Profile settings include whether to send the auto response to both SMS messages and missed calls, choose the actual message, and set the duration for which the profile is activated.



Let’s say you’re unable to text while driving or at work. When you hop in your car you could turn on your driving profile, which is active for an hour (the length of your commute)

and informs those who text you that you’re driving and can’t respond.

And also, Auto SMS also lets your phone to read your texts out loud, schedule texts so they can be sent later on, schedule when to enable specific profiles as well as a home screen widget for turning on a profile with just a tap.

Other features in Auto SMS include widgets for the Instant, Profile and Reader features, and you can even use the app to schedule certain times you want to set your phone to silent automatically. To take advantage of this feature, simply create a profile in which you set the times you want the ringer to be switched off, and uncheck the SMS and Phone Auto Response options.

2.) Scheduling & Instant Texts :

Sending replies is great, but also obviously reactive. If no one texts you, they’ll receive nothing in return.


Scheduling makes that possible. Using Auto SMS it’s possible to input a specific text message and schedule it to be sent at any time you’d like. The message can be sent once or at set intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, etc) .

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