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5 Best Free Photography Apps For Android

Almost every android smartphone has a good quality camera ranging from 2 MP to 12 MP sensor. If you are not a professional photographer than the camera you have in your Android phone is the best camera.

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New Focus-Free Camera Launched By Lytro

Startup company Lytro has announced first light field camera.Photographs taken with a Lytro camera can be refocused even years after they were taken and The focus of the photos can be switched seamlessly between 2D and 3D views.

Lytro has done its best to make the device consumer-friendly with just two buttons and a zoom slider and eminently social with one-button sharing to Facebook.The camera uses light field sensors to capture the color, intensity and vector direction of all the light rays in a scene, then uses algorithms to process them and let users change the focus as desired after taking the shot.
A light field camera removes all the pain points from traditional photography-difficultly of use, missed shots, images focused on the wrong thing, not enough light and so on.Users would not have to worry about camera and lens settings.
Lytro camera users can take photos faster than they could with a digital camera because they don’t have to focus the device first.A flash would also not be necessary because by using all the available light in a scene, light field cameras can capture better-quality pictures in very low light.

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